15. Troubleshooting


1. Read the Manual

In recent months, great efforts have been made to complete the User Manual.
If it isn't quite complete yet, it does include lots and lots of very useful information. Please read / search it to see if it answers your questions

2. Get help on the Forum

Users helping users is the basis of this community !

3. Sending a file for analysis

Sometimes, the issue can be most effectively resolved by looking at the file itself. InfoQube has many display modes and features so it can be hard to pin-point the cause of an issue.
To mask personal data and send the file for analysis:
  • Use Windows Explorer to make a copy of the IQBase
  • Load the copy in InfoQube
  • Tools > Manage Database > Other
  • Click on the Mask tab
  • Click Mask All Text Fields. You'll be prompted to confirm the process twice
  • Once masked, do a Compact: Tools > Manage Database > Compact
  • Close InfoQube
  • Back in Windows Explorer, right-click on the IQBase and select Send To > Compressed Folder
  • Send the .zip file by email to support@sqlnotes.net or attach to a forum post