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New Post 8/4/2007 5:30 PM
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HTML Editor Pane 

One feature which hasn't been discussed yet is SQLNotes ability to function as a standard 2 pane outliner (focus was up to now on Ecco Pro like 1 pane outline). Examples of 2 panes outlines are numerous:

  • Ultra Recall
  • Ideaspad
  • SmartOutline
  • InfoRecall
  • KeyNote
  • TreePad
  • etc. There are literally hundreds...

Because SQLNotes is based on an open standard database, it is natural to think more in terms of a one-pane outline+grid concept. However, 2 pane mode is also available. The first pane contains the outline while the second contains the rich text. The rich text pane supports 3 modes: HTML Source, HTML Rich Editor and Browse mode (identical to having it displayed in Internet Explorer):

But wait there is more! The HTML pane can contain a number of things, all linked to the current outline item (not just manually entered text):

  • Normal text, entered by the user (saved in the database and/or in a local file)
  • HTML block drag-dropped from a web page, a Word document, and Excel spreadsheet, etc
  • A local HTML file (or soon an FTP file). Automatically displayed when selecting an outline item. Editing is immediately enabled and saving is automatic
  • A web page. Browse mode is turned on such a case.

In all cases, it is possible to save the HTML content in the database and even the text version (to facilitate search without the HTML markup)

Finally, the HTML Editor pane can be docked (left, right, bottom, top), pinned or make floating. You're in full control!

These features are now activated in version 0.9.12. Download it here

Pierre (Win XP Pro SP2, Admin, Auto-updates ON, Firefox, Acer TravelMate 660 graphics)
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