14. Sample IQBases (i.e. IQ templates)

Here is a list of sample IQBases, mostly user-contributed, showing some applications of InfoQube:
IQ Functionality
2.2.16 Shopping List   the shopping list from the default sample file  (KeithB)
Manage item recurrences in IQ manage item recurrences (Armando)
Daily Grid / Diary example Daily (diary) grid sample   (KeithB)
My Workflow - SAMPLE file working with linked files; keeping track of item status/progress; simple time-tracking   (Tom)
Using IQ for writing & tasking  Writing project example   (KeithB from Jan's blog description)
Journal and AddressBook Journal to addressbook ideas   (KeithB per Jan ideas)
IQMinutes : a sample IQBase to organize meeting info, etc. IQMinutes-a sample IQBase to organize meeting info, etc (Armando)
A Blank Database.  A blank database   (KeithB)
How can I create a simple note and cross-link the contents?  new file with sample data, but with the items and 'Welcome' grid removed (all text removed but the 'structure' of the database remains)  (Tom)
Sync with Mantis Issue Tracking Database The Mantis issues tracking database, as of March 31 2010  (sync'd and uploaded by KeithB)
Captured Contents of Threads / Forums About IQ
Forum .SNDB 2-16-2009  a test capture of this forum as of feb 09   (KeithB)
IQBase of the old Forum  capture of the previous forum                     (KeithB)
1 yr already-- dc forum in .sndb forum  Capture of the Donation Coder thread on infoqube (sqlnotes)     (KeithB)
Forum topic SNDB  Forum topic SNDB (forum topic titles only)  as of 11-13-2010)  (KeithB)