7. Grid Groups

Grid Groups

As your information in InfoQube grows in size, so will the number of grids (typically used to show this information).
It is possible to group grids and show these groups in home pages and the Properties pane
Examples of groups could be:
  • Projects at work, each project specific grids, plus some general ones can be grouped
  • Home related info
  • If the IQBase is shared with other family member or office co-workers, users can select which grids are pertinent to them

1. Grouping Grids

Groups are easily managed using the Grid management dialog:
  • In Other > Groups, enter the list of groups that each grid belongs to (comma separated list)
    For example, grid Invoice could have the following groups: Somiro, Projects, John
  • For every grid that you want in a group, enter the group name in the grid properties
    For example, if you want group Somiro to include grids Invoices, Projects and AdrsBook, ensure that these 3 grids have Somiro (along with other groups if desired) in Other > Groups
That's it. Groups are automatically generated, based on the values entered.

2. Using Grid Groups

Grid groups can be used in home pages and in the Properties Pane

2.1 Grid Groups in Home Pages

As described in 6. Home Pages, to list grids in a group, enter the following token:
  • [GridGroup:Somiro]: All grids that belong to grid group Somiro
You can also show all grid groups, using the token [GridGroups]

2.2 Grid Groups in the Properties Pane

Grid groups are listed under the Grids section of the Properties pane:
Either way, the grid is shown as a hyperlink. Click this link to open the grid.