<FIXED> HTML Pane <--> Grid focus bug

HTML pane loses focus to the Grid in the following situations:
  1. a cell in grid has focus
  2. Move focus to HTML pane, type a bit
  3. Alt+Tab to different window and back - the grid cell/item has focus instead of the HTML pane
This is actually a biggish problem if using a clipboard extender:
  1. a cell in grid has focus
  2. Move focus to HTML pane, type a bit
  3. open your clipboard extender quick-menu to select something to paste
  4. Paste => it gets pasted in the grid :-(
Reproducible with WYSIWYG on & off (in the grid)

Reproduced in the following:
Win 7 x64 // IQ portable version 35 // IE9
Windows 8.1 x64 // IQ installer version 35 // IE11

Edit// added <FIXED> to the title

Re: HTML Pane <--> Grid focus bug

Pierre -
I dont use the html pane much myself, but I keep getting caught by this one.
Considering the danger of losing information - I think it deserves attention.

typing in html pane
open clipboard extender, select text to paste - paste
instead of pasting where the cursor was, it pastes in the related item's item-field in the grid.

It's easy to miss this, and think it just didnt paste anywhere, and work on in the html pane - in which case the original text in the item's item-field would be lost
Win.7 64bit  ~  IQ 0.9.26Pre-Rel43

Re: HTML Pane <--> Grid focus bug

Fixed in v0.9.26PreRel44

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