[FIXED] Minor focus problem in grid

Minor confusion in the grid:
Normally if I click in, say, the item field, that field is selected (or it goes editable if I click in the text of the field).
Now do this:
  1. click in the first (#) column of an item
  2. next, click in the item field of a different item - make sure to not click in the text
  3. what then happens is:
    the first column is highlighted - instead of the item field
If I Ctrl+C at this stage, I get the number in the first column.
(F2 does still work to make the item field editable though.)
Tbh, I wouldnt have noticed this - but I *sometimes* have the problem that: if I add a link manually (via context menu) at this stage, the text that shows in the box is a number - I'm not sure what the number is (probably from the first column).
(And now I cant reproduce it but note: it has happened a few times in my file, so I thought I'd report the behaviour above (1 to 3) that I think is inconsistent, and which I presume is what leads to the minor linking problem.)
Win 7 x64 / Pre-rel 30

Re: Minor focus problem in grid

OK. Fixed in v0.9.26PreRel31

Re: Minor focus problem in grid

seems to be working fine now, thanks !

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