All day / untimed events

Something is really odd and not working right with untimed events.
1. I choose an item in my grid, right click and create an event. Create event dialogue pops up.
2. Make this an all day / untimed event. Do not specify any date. It will default to today.
3. Click OK to create the event.
4. Go to the event in the calendar and double click on it to re-open the dialogue.
5. Look at the dates. Huh,, what's this? The end date is a day before the start date. I must have crossed the International Date Line.
I have been using IQ for a long time now having migrated from Ecco Pro. These surprises (and others - see my other threads) are worrisome and wearing thin. I know Ecco's limitations, but at least it is rock solid. I am seriously considering the unthinkable.

Re: All day / untimed events

Hi Jon,
Thanks for reporting this bug. It is fixed in v0.9.26PreRel11

Re: All day / untimed events

Great. Thank you.

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