date issues - Sorting & Format

I have a pending note in my dB from 2009/01/08 that sorting from year to year was not working correctly, i.e. if list started in sept 2012 & continued to Mar 2013, the sort would be incorrect.
That problem still exists here
In a hoisted grid 
In a date field options I have the following : <format>yyyy/mm/dd</format>
The assumption being my date would display as example: 2013/05/13
Instead I get  m/d/yyyy as in example 1/1/2013
Using Beta Ver. 0.9.26Pre-Rel9

Re: date issues - Sorting & Format

Hi Jan,
Is this still an issue ? Is the field a date field (or a text field)

Re: date issues - Sorting & Format

 yes & date field

Re: date issues - Sorting & Format

The issue with custom date formatting is fixed in v0.9.26PreRel11.

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