"Named filters" (or... "named views"...)

I don't know what you have created/had in mind Pierre, but may I suggest one way of seeing it...? (might be exactly the same... don't know)
"Named filters" would :
1- allow the user to record/save a grid's "filters, source, sorting  etc." settings under a unique identifier/name (ie : clicking on the name  would instantly select all the right options instantly)
2- allow the user save multiple identifiers/names to accomodate many different settings/filters configurations .
3- allow the user to access named filters in a drop down (search as you type) menu so that they can be switched in a split second.
(I can't wait for a named filter solution since right now I need to clone grids -- sometimes  more than 5 times -- to be able to switch views rapidly)

Re: "Named filters" (or... "named views"...)

Thanks for reminding me. Right after finishing up the calendar...

Re: "Named filters" (or... "named views"...)

Pierre_Admin wrote:
Thanks for reminding me. Right after finishing up the calendar...
Yes please!
FYI (for others, not for Pierre) this is Mantis item 19 - http://mantis.sqlnotes.net/view.php?id=19.
I've been waiting a long time for them. Probably the main thing that is keeping me from really using SN (even though I already donated for it). That and OPML import which would make it easier to dive in from Bonsai, but I could probably work around that if I was sure I was going to stay with SN. I know I won't without the ability to reuse filters.

Re: "Named filters" (or... "named views"...)

What would also help is if Filter text boxes (sorting too) could keep a history of all searches... Like browsers' address bar, etc. have. -- I think this too has been mentioned at some point.

Each Grid could have its own history list to avoid messing everything up (but if that's not possible, one (common) list would already be a huge improvement).
That would really save the user many headaches, and time.

Is that feasable ? I think that this feature should even exist on its own --> ie : not as something that would be replaced by named filters. That would allow to easily go back to last "know good" filter config, or last useful filter, etc.

Re: "Named filters" (or... "named views"...)

History (per grid) is definitely planned (required tables are already in the IQBases).

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