8. Keyboard Shortcuts

Using and Managing Keyboard Shortcuts

Nearly all commands can be assigned a keyboard shortcut.
Use Tools > Keyboard Shortcuts... to manage shortcuts:
  1. View All Shortcuts: Creates a file All.Shortcuts.tab containing all shortcuts (System + User). Opens it in Notepad
  2. Customize: Show the Customize Dialog. See below
  3. View Custom Shortcuts: Creates a file User.Shortcuts.tab containing user shortcuts. Opens it in Notepad
  4. Load Custom Shortcuts: Prompts for a Custom Shortcuts file
  5. Delete All Custom Shortcuts

Customizing Shortcuts

To customize, show the Customize Dialog:
  • If a shortcut is not working, most likely the same shortcut was assigned to something else. Use View All Shortcuts to find what it is assigned to.
  • There are 2 menu systems in IQ. The main one and the one for the HTML editing pane. Each are customized separately.
  • Some commands don't show in this dialog (split buttons for example). To assign a shortcut to these, right-click directly on the button and enter the shortcut there. Use Shift+Ctrl+C for example:
  • The process is very similar to MS Office (pre-ribbon versions, such as XP, 2003).