5. Properties Pane

The Properties Pane

The Properties pane is used to view / modify information about items:

1. Properties Pane Sections

The Properties pane is divided into the following sections:
  1. Item info
  2. Marked items
  3. Grids
  4. Forms
  5. All Fields

1.1 Item Info

The Item Info section shows everything there is to know about the current item:
  • Nominal information, such as unique Item ID, when it was created / modified and by who, font and lock properties and its Home
  • Values: All values entered for this item are shown here
  • Parents: shows all parents of a selected item
    • An item can have multiple parents
    • Parent list is shown as an inverted tree. This is in particular very useful when items have multiple parents
    • Each parent is a hyperlink. Click on the link to move focus to that parent
  • Siblings, Children: List of such items
  • Shown in: Grids where the selected item is currently displayed. An arrow is shown after the grid name. Click this arrow to open it: 


1.2 Marked Items

This section shows currently marked items. Marked items are a persistent list of item used in many places within InfoQube.
See Using Marked Items for details

1.3 Grids

Lists grid related information:
  • Current Grid: This section is dynamic and shows the columns of the current grid. Values can be edited
  • All grids that are set to be visible in the Properties pane.Click the grid name to expand and show its columns (and use it a simple data entry form)
    Click the arrow after the grid name to open that grid and switch focus to it. See 6. Manage Grids Dialog
  • Grid Groups: See 7. Grid Groups for details

1.4 Forms

List all user-defined forms. See Using Forms for details

1.5 All Fields

  • List all fields in the current IQBase
  • Flat view or tree view. Click the icon on the right to toggle between the two views
  • In tree-view, fields can be arranged in hierarchy using keyboard shortcuts or drag-drop. See Field Hierarchy for details
  • If the field has the same name as a grid, an arrow is shown after the field name. Click this arrow to open that grid and switch focus to it: 


2. Using the Properties Pane

  • The Properties pane shows the values of the currently focused item
  • If using a view that supports multiple selections (most do), only one of these has the focus and it is that one that is shown
  • Adding / Editing / Deleting a field value is performed on ALL selected items

2.1 Context Menus

Right-click on a line in the Properties pane to view a context menu. Each type has a specific context menu:
  • Field
  • Parents header
  • Parent item
  • Sibling / Children item
  • Marked items header
  • Marked item
  • Grid and Grid Group
  • Forms header
  • Form
  • All Fields header


  • You can drag a field from the Properties pane to a grid to show it there
  • You can perform bulk operation (i.e. on multiple items) using the Properties pane. e.g. on Field2, entering =[Field1] + 4 would execute that function for all items selected
  • F4 moves the focus between the Properties pane and the active view. This works even if the Properties pane is in auto-hide mode
  • F7 / F8 works even when the focus is on the Properties pane (to select the Previous / Next item). It is therefore possible to view the properties of other items without going back to the active grid