InfoQube Documentation: Main Page

The InfoQube User Manual is available in both Online and Offline versions:

1- Online Manual:

2- HTML version of the Online Manual:

The Offline Manual / Help file is currently significantly out of date.
This section contains snapshots of each of the main sections of the Online Manual. Click to download it.
To enable offline reading on your mobile device, copy it to a Dropbox folder and use the Dropbox app on your mobile to set it to offline access
  1. Introduction
  2. InfoQube User Interface
  3. InfoQube Data: Items, Field-values and Links
  4. Searching, Filtering & Sorting
  5. Importing
  6. Exporting and Printing
  7. Synchronizations
  8. All Menu Commands

3- Offline Manual \ Help file:

  • The Offline Manual is provided as a zipped CHM file (Windows Help file format).
    1. Click here to download.  
    2. Unzip the downloaded file to a folder
  • To link InfoQube to this help file (so that pressing F1 brings up the help file), follow these steps:
    1. Start IQ
    2. Do Tools > Help > About > Support Info and note the location of the AppData folder
    3. Close IQ 
    4. Using Windows Explorer, copy the InfoQube.chm file to this AppData folder
    5. Start IQ
    6. Press F1. The offline manual should open, showing the main User Manual page
  • If the help file does not show any content, the file needs to be "unblocked":
    1. Close IQ and the help file.
    2. In Windows Explorer, locate the AppData folder
    3. Right click on InfoQube.chm and select "Properties"
    4. In the properties dialog select the "General" tab
    5. Below the Advanced button at the bottom right, click on "Unblock" (note that this disappears once the file is unblocked)
    6. Click on "Apply" or "OK"  


  • These manuals are written and maintained by Pierre and IQ User volunteers...thanks a zillion.
  • The offline manual is updated by users, on a volunteer basis, so some information may not be as current as that in the online manual.
  • And thanks to Jibz for making it available offline and therefore right from the application!
  • Tips and tools to generate the Offline User Manual