2. Outline Labels

Outline Labels

Outline labels provide a quick way to show outline-based labels:

1- Managing Outline Labels

The Manage Outline Labels dialog is used to define labels:
  • The left pane shows the list of defined label sets
    • Right-click to Add / Delete Label sets
    • Click the down arrow to import / export sets
    • Click OK to save or Cancel
  • The right pane is used to modify the properties of the current set:
    • Name
    • Format
    • 1 or more items per level can be shown
    • Live-preview

2- Specifying the Labeling Format

The labeling format uses a simple defining string: 
  • Each level is defined using the following flags RP[F]S and separated by | (a space, vertical bar, another space)
  • R: Indicated the level is recursive, 1 character, R or C, optional
    • Uses the label of the parent level as a prefix to the current level
    • The suffix characters of the parent level are not included
  • P: Prefix before the numbering. 1 or more characters, optional. Can include formatting and icons.
  • [F]: Format code, optional, 1 of the following characters, enclosed in square brackets:
    • 1: Numeric
    • a: Alphabetic
    • A: Alphabetic, capitals
    • i: Roman
    • I: Roman, capitals
  • S: Suffix, 1 or more characters, optional. Can include formatting and icons.
The format text box is similar to the Popup Editor. Right-click to format and add icons:


3- Using Outline Labels

Using outline labels is really simple:
  • Use Grid > Outline Labels menu (or toolbar dropdown button) to select the label or "(none)"

  • Using labels it is possible to switch between these 4 views in seconds:

    (from left to right: None, Numeric, Legal, Fancy)
  • Use Skip Label (Ctrl + Alt + L) to show / hide outline labels for individual items

4- Import / Export Outline Labels

Click the down arrow to import / export label sets

4.1 Export

  • A dialog is shown to select export of the current label set or all label sets:
  • Select the export file name as click Save

4.2 Import

  • Select the import file and click Open
  • Selected file must come from a previous Export, from the current IQBase or from any other one
  • If a label set has the same name as an existing one, the existing one will be replaced by the new one.

Notes :

  • Outline labels can be combined with styles. See 3. Outline Styles for details on using Outline Styles
  • To make a copy of a label set, simply save it under a different name
  • The [F] format specifier is actually optional. If not present, the labels will be shown but not numbered, hence will be the same for all items (of that level).
    This can be used to add bullets and other formatting (i.e. such as back color) to all items or items of any given level (such as red for level 1, blue for level 2, etc):