Inputting decimal numbers on a French language system

My computer is set up to work in the French language, with French regional settings and an AZERTY keyboard. I can input numeric data from the numeric keypad in Excel without difficulty and the comma which is used as a decimal separator in France duly appears with digits after the decimal point.

I would expect InfoQube to pick up on these regional settings.

Back in InfoQube, I have an existing field defined as number. I have tried to change the format of the number to standard, and this appears to work – numbers are formatted with a comma as separator and two digits after this decimal positioner. However, I have not found a way in which to input data with a decimal part. None of full-stop (US: period), comma from the keyboard nor the decimal separator at the bottom right-hand side of the numeric pad on the keyboard make any difference – only the whole number part of the number is stored in the field. Closing and reopening the grid appears to make no difference.

I have tried some experiments with the format clause in options, but without any success.

Can somebody please tell me how to input numeric data into InfoQube using a French language system? Many thanks.

Re: Inputting decimal numbers on a French language system

Fixed in v71 !
IQ Designer

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