Tabs Position Bug w. Saved Layout

Open file with layout:
mine at the moment is dual pane with two tabs on either side.
Click on a tab that isnt displayed.
IQ thinks I have done a click and drag with the consequence that the tab will often move position:
Note that the move symbol -- as in screenshot -- only shows if you pause the mouse or move it slowly.
What often happens next is that the 'Budgets' tab moves to the left of the other (half-visible) tab -- note that this happens a few seconds later. This may depend on how the mouse is moved: I tend to click, then move mouse in the direction of bottom-left of screen.
(Not a big deal but disorientating and creates a poor impression.)
This happens only once on each side of the dualpane, and cannot be reproduced until you restart the file.

Re: Tabs Position Bug w. Saved Layout

Yeah, this is a rather old UI bug.
I even added a "ridiculus" enable drag-drop command button to turn off moving tabs. I guess, I'll need to find a permanent fix before v1.0
IQ Designer

Re: Tabs Position Bug w. Saved Layout

Fixed in v71
IQ Designer

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