Bgcolor/highlighting still missing from HTML export

Some Formatting is still missing from HTML export.
1- select an item cell where there's some highlighting (bgcolor)
2- export to HTML file or sent the HTML to clipboard
3- highlighting is gone
- Sample file, invoice grid, with a small change where I added highlighting (bgcolor):
- Ctrl+P
- Select "select items ad columns [...]
(those are the options for the html export)
- Select "copy to clipboard" and paste the result in Word
  It looks like that:
- Then select "save and preview" 
result looks like that

The second one looks better, probably because the HTML is better interpreted directly.  The first one has the weird "Error! Filename not specified." in it and unwanted "numerotation" (that one is easily fixed).
Mostly, there's no more highlighting/bgcolor.
I don't know if other formatting is affected

Re: Bgcolor/highlighting still missing from HTML export

The fore and back colors are now correctly exported in v63
Thanks for reporting

Re: Bgcolor/highlighting still missing from HTML export

Disclaimer: "Testing IQ with the most advanced/complicated IQBase in the world". I.e. slower than average.
Windows 8.1
CPU: Intel i5 2.6ghz

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