New grids created with the "manage grid" dialog creates malfunctioning grids

Had to change the previous title which was : "Add/remove columns" doesn't work well.
The problem isn't with add/remove columns, but with grids created with the "manage grid" dialog.
With new grid created through the manage grid dialog :

- newly added columns are stacked and can't be moved up/down.
- grids don't retain their columns [edit : it actually depends. See next post]
- grids aren't created with the default set of columns identified in the field properties dialog.
Note however that new grids created with the grid tab context menu option (New grid) work properly and columns are retained + appearing normaly (not stacked).
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Re: New grids created with the "manage grid" dialog ...

I found some time to test this with a sample DB and I was able to reproduce it again, except that the new columns were sometimes retained sometimes not. Don't know why -- maybe we'll discover why at some point.
1- Create a new DB with a new IQ installation.
2- In the fields properties dialog, select some fields to be shown in new grids.
3- Create a new "Test" grid with the "manage grids" dialog.
4- Open that "test" grid (it doesn't have a source but it doesn't matter) : the fields that were selected in step 2 aren't shown
5- From the properties pane, drag/drop fields to the grid : columns appear as "stacked" (also note that Boolean fields show up as 0 and -1 instead of chekboxes)
6- Try to unstack the columns or move one to the top or the bottom : not possible. Columns remain in their position
7- refresh the grid and close it.
8- reopen the grid. Columns are sometimes gone. (first time I tried it, but I think that if you load a column set, the columns will stay...)
Windows 8.1
Sony Vaio S Series 13 (SVS131E21L)
Ram:8gb, CPU: Intel i5-3230M, 2.6ghz

Re: New grids created with the "manage grid" dialog ...

Hi Armando,
Thanks for the detailed steps. I was able to reproduce the issue and it is fixed in v62.
I've improved the Manage Grid dialog which calls up the same New Grid dialog. 

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