Difficult to close the field properties dialog.

Sometimes, it's really hard to close the field properties dialog.
It doesn't seem to happen with a sample DB, maybe because there aren't many fields, grids, etc.
The steps:
- open the dialog
- make some modification to a field
- save
- try to close : clicking the close button makes the button change Color, but nothing happens. Sometimes I need to reclick 20 times, even after waiting for the fields background updates/calculations (I'm guessing that's what it does since it takes so much time to even switch fields in the dialog after making modifications to one).
It's pretty annoying as making a simple changes to a field can take much more time than it should.

Re: Difficult to close the field properties dialog.

This "should" be fixed in v0.9.26PreRel50
(if the cause is what I think it is...)

Re: Difficult to close the field properties dialog.

I don't think it's really fixed. However, I believe that the problem has to do with IQ updating the properties pane/grids in the background when closing-saving the changes in the fields properties dialog, but... it's not letting the user know that it's working in the background and still allows user interaction with buttons, sections, menus, etc.
(I waited 1-2 minutes and the fields properties finally closed -- pretty long wait though.)
Maybe when the field properties dialog is closing and updating, a message should appear to tell the user it's still doing stuff ; it also shouldn't allow any more user interaction while it's in the process of saving/updating/closing.
[Edit : minor corrections]
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