22. Nomenclature descrepancy listing (node 2307)

This is a section where nomenclature discrepancies are listed. A Mantis entry refers to that list :
  Update Issue 1118   Nomenclature descrepancies
 It's of course possible to create individual Mantis issues for any item in the list if needed.
  • Dialog titles don't always match the menu item that triggers them. (E.g. : Edit menu -> click on Find --> Dialog appears but the title bar says Quick Search) . For other examples, see Explaining a Project in IQ or, more precisely : http://www.sqlnotes.net/drupal5/index.php?q=node/953#comment-10051
  • the name Field Editor is sometimes used in the manual.  [1]
    • It's listed as Field Management in the menus or
    • Manage Fields (column header context menu, menu: Tools/Manage Fields)
    • Field Properties in the Properties pane field's context menu
  • .
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We could also discuss here within the page - see "Nomenclature Discrepancy" Page in the manual - discuss things in page? (seeing as posting below may possibly be disabled) e.g.:
[1] I dont know could one name cover all these uses? I think any of these names would be good (& could be used universally), Field Editor or Field Manager seem easiest to me. [Tom]