Software components /supplier used (node 1752)

Software components /suppliers used:
CodeJock is used for menus/windows management
ExG2antt is used for the grid/gantt
Chilkat is used for XML/HTML related
KsDHTMLEdit (IE dependant) is used for rich text editing (this component is slated for replacement) by WPCubed RTF editor?

Loading the data In a nutshell:

  1. Generate queries based on current filters using ADO (a COM component)
  2. Execute the query using ADO
  3. Fill the grid (which is an C++ based ActiveX component) with the data returned by the query
  4. Manipulate the grid to present the info as requested, through the ActiveX control methods and properties
  5. With VB code being the glue between the various objects

Steps 1 and 2 involve both IO and COM. Steps 3 and 4 involve ActiveX (which COM wrapped up). Item 5 involves the VB6 runtime DLL