3. Synchronization with Remote Databases

Synchronization with Remote Databases

InfoQube can pull data from external data sources, such as SQL Server, mySQL, Oracle, MSAccess, etc. Any ODBC data source can be used.
When configured correctly, a click of a button is all that is required to refresh the data!

This is an advanced feature which requires some database query knowledge to configure it correctly.

The sync is done through a configuration file (xml type). This file defines:
  • The connection string
  • The SQL statement to retrieve the data (use Access, Enterprise Manager or other similar tool to generate the statement)
  • The field mapping between the back-end database and InfoQube ( back-end fields are [ ] enclosed, otherwise a fixed value will be imported)
  • The synchronization parameters. (Unique record identifier field, Last update date, etc)

The back-end database can be local or remote (either publicly visible or through a VPN).
To enable this feature:
In Tools > Options > This Database > Data storage
  • Enable Remote database one-way sync
  • Set the auto-sync delay (in minutes, 0=manual only)
  • If syncing with only one remote database, enter the sync config file
  • If syncing with more than one remote database, leave Sync Config File blank and put all config files in the same folder as the IQBase. InfoQube will ask you which ones to sync (uses SQLSync*.xml as a matching pattern)
2 examples are provided here:
  • Connecting to the InfoQube Mantis Issue tracking database (mySQL server) and,
  • a fictitious SQL Server back-end