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Good news IQ Users !
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I've set this on a 15 minutes timer
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Bug reporting procedure

When reporting what looks like a bug, please follow the following guidelines:
Keep in mind that while Drupal is your community web site, and posts will not be modified / deleted without your consent
Mantis is no longer used as bug tracker
  • In the View Issues page, check the "Fixed On" column (and compare with your version date) to know if that issue is in your version of IQ.

Combo offer: Visit Montreal and get InfoQube one-on-one training

We're pleased to announce that we now offer personalized one-on-one training right here in Montreal:
  • Come visit this beautiful city, a taste of Europe, right here in America. Enjoy its exquisite cuisine, beautiful parks and exciting nightlife.
  • You'll have exclusive access to a centrally located, century old and fully renovated 850 sq. ft. apartment (bedroom, living room, full kitchen, parking, air-conditioned - sleeps 4 adults)
  • Cost: $995US (with tax-deductible receipt)
  • What's included:
    • 7-night lodging
    • 2 full days of one-on-one training.

In your opinion, which bugs/features should be given the highest priority ?

This is mostly to get a feel of what seems to be the most important to users... for the fun of it, and for its potential usefulness.
So, here's what I propose.
1-  Review the mantis list and old feature/bug posts in this forum (a good exercise...) and think about what you miss the most in your everyday IQ usage,
2- Then list 10 (max!) features OR bugs already discussed*, ordered by priority, "1" being the highest priority. If required, a brief justification could follow each proposition. Then we can try to see which top 3-5 bugs/features are most "wanted".
*New stuff should be discussed separately, as it has always been.

Using InfoQube without a keyboard

Using InfoQube without a keyboard

Information management systems, and InfoQube in particular, are keyboard-centric applications. That is one reason why IQ has a wide range of keyboard shortcuts, most of which are user customizable.
However, with the advent of touch-based operating systems, PCs are evolving and their form-factors are changing.
Convertible, detachable and 2-in-1 devices (such as the Microsoft Surface Pro) are more and more popular and sometimes used as tablets (i.e.

Repeating events on caalendar

When will repeating events on calendar (no google, etc) be fixed?

Gantt : show histogram

 Hi Pierre,
Show histogram Freezes IQ. It also only shows a rectangle with 2 dates and nothing else. I'll provide a screenshot if needed.
(The histogram is -- I believe --  the top part showing the bars in a condensed way.)

Clipper stopped working

When I updated to 9.108Pre1, the clipper stopped working.  When I try to save a link, I get the hourglass for a fraction of a second, then nothing happens.  I use it with Firefox 55.0.3.

Paste Dialogue Error

1) Copy text that includes line breaks.
2) Paste dialogue:

Grid/tab focus bug

Focus doesn't completely move from one grid to another in some situations.
I've isolated one : alt-tab/alt-shift-tab.
1- Focus on a grid/tab
2- Alt+tab to the next grid/tab
3- Press Ctr+w : the previous grid is closed, not the current one.
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