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Good news IQ Users !
You can now subscribe to new posts and comments. To enable this,
  1. goto your My Account page
  2. A new tab is added: My notifications settings
  3. Specify your settings and click Save Settings
I've set this on a 15 minutes timer
You'll receive an email looking something like this:
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Bug reporting procedure

When reporting what looks like a bug, please follow the following guidelines:
Keep in mind that while Drupal is your community web site, and posts will not be modified / deleted without your consent
Mantis is no longer used as bug tracker
  • In the View Issues page, check the "Fixed On" column (and compare with your version date) to know if that issue is in your version of IQ.

Combo offer: Visit Montreal and get InfoQube one-on-one training

We're pleased to announce that we now offer personalized one-on-one training right here in Montreal:
  • Come visit this beautiful city, a taste of Europe, right here in America. Enjoy its exquisite cuisine, beautiful parks and exciting nightlife.
  • You'll have exclusive access to a centrally located, century old and fully renovated 850 sq. ft. apartment (bedroom, living room, full kitchen, parking, air-conditioned - sleeps 4 adults)
  • Cost: $995US (with tax-deductible receipt)
  • What's included:
    • 7-night lodging
    • 2 full days of one-on-one training.

In your opinion, which bugs/features should be given the highest priority ?

This is mostly to get a feel of what seems to be the most important to users... for the fun of it, and for its potential usefulness.
So, here's what I propose.
1-  Review the mantis list and old feature/bug posts in this forum (a good exercise...) and think about what you miss the most in your everyday IQ usage,
2- Then list 10 (max!) features OR bugs already discussed*, ordered by priority, "1" being the highest priority. If required, a brief justification could follow each proposition. Then we can try to see which top 3-5 bugs/features are most "wanted".
*New stuff should be discussed separately, as it has always been.

IQ for business management

budgets and financials can be well catered for,
gantts and planning are go. 
That strange place where your full financials are needed to make business decisions, but are squirreled into accounting programs, which arent super friendly for analysis of data, or for planning in advance.
Planning apps are terrible at creating repeat items by year and quarter. or tracking actuals of anything and feeding the usual benchmark indicators back to you in 'real-time'.
Has anyone taken on something this big in IQ?
I'm new to IQ, and see this potential, but am really just needing a pep talk to dive into something this big!
hopefully naive, and stubborn,

Grid field does not fill in even though Grid Auto Updates is turned on

I have added the ItemModified field as a column in a grid.  Even though the "Grid Auto Updates" is turned on for this grid in Manage Grids, when I enter new items into the grid, the ItemModified field does not get populated in the column for the new items until I press F5.  
I did find this in the Manual ( ) - is it because the change is made in the same grid and not from another grid that it is not auto updated to show the ItemModified value?
Grid auto-updates: Grids auto-update is improving with every InfoQube version.

How to send a note to Infoqube by voice using an Android device, with minimum taps

I have been experimenting and this is working great.
I assume you have set up email to IQ to poll a specific address for notes to import into IQ.
Put that "send to infoqube" address into your Google contacts on your Android device.
Install and launch the Mail Linker app.  It will present you with a list of your contacts.  Tap on your "send to infoqube" contact.  Mail Linker will create a shortcut on your Androiid home screen.  When you tap on the shortcut, your email app will launch and take you to a Compose screen with your "send to infoqube" address already filled in as the recipient.  In my case, it is Gmail that opens up.
Tap on the Subject line if you want the dictated text to appear in the Item field.

Selecting multiple items/cells using Crtl key not working

Mundane stuff again, but handicaps a lot.
EDIT// The Control key works to select non-contiguous items when clicking in the # column. //EDIT
Using the Control key to select multiple items (in item column) is not working here (normally used for selecting non-contiguous items or cells).
When I Ctrl-click the second item or cell, the first is deselected.
I'm sure this used to work, didnt it? or am I getting mixed up with excel ?
Either way, I still find it a handicap not being able to select items thus.
tested on:
sample file
IQ portable 91c
Win.7 x64

set filter/sorting criteria from script?

Just curious, is it possible to set grid filter and sorting criteria by script?  Or to change Infoqube / Grid settings that way? 
Looking at the Visual Basic Editor, I don't see any way to execute a command "immediately", but I suppose that I could define a function and the use the "Execute a Function" button in lieu of that.

How to create a new field to duplicate another field's value but only for a filtered iterms?

Wah, i had sent several emails but now I found I can actually post here.... thats good,
Lets start with my current confustion for my 1st post:
I had imported an Ecco database,
I'd like to turn the 'Item' values into a new field so that I can edit it.
Is this possible to create a new field to fetch or copy/paste value/text from the 'Item' field ? but only for those items basis a filter?
Thank you.
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