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Bug reporting procedure

When reporting what looks like a bug, please follow the following guidelines:
Keep in mind that while Drupal is your community web site, and posts will not be modified / deleted without your consent
Mantis is no longer used as bug tracker
  • In the View Issues page, check the "Fixed On" column (and compare with your version date) to know if that issue is in your version of IQ.

Combo offer: Visit Montreal and get InfoQube one-on-one training

We're pleased to announce that we now offer personalized one-on-one training right here in Montreal:
  • Come visit this beautiful city, a taste of Europe, right here in America. Enjoy its exquisite cuisine, beautiful parks and exciting nightlife.
  • You'll have exclusive access to a centrally located, century old and fully renovated 850 sq. ft. apartment (bedroom, living room, full kitchen, parking, air-conditioned - sleeps 4 adults)
  • Cost: $995US (with tax-deductible receipt)
  • What's included:
    • 7-night lodging
    • 2 full days of one-on-one training.

In your opinion, which bugs/features should be given the highest priority ?

This is mostly to get a feel of what seems to be the most important to users... for the fun of it, and for its potential usefulness.
So, here's what I propose.
1-  Review the mantis list and old feature/bug posts in this forum (a good exercise...) and think about what you miss the most in your everyday IQ usage,
2- Then list 10 (max!) features OR bugs already discussed*, ordered by priority, "1" being the highest priority. If required, a brief justification could follow each proposition. Then we can try to see which top 3-5 bugs/features are most "wanted".
*New stuff should be discussed separately, as it has always been.

[SOLVED] Lost item

No idea what's going on here -- I can find a file and get it to show in correct grid (via search), but as soon as I remove the hoist it disappears.
at least half user error:
the 'Files' item had a space before the text in the 'Project' field (not sure why it was shown as being in the relevant grid at all - it must have been in there 'properly' at some stage -- Pierre, feel free to delete this thread if you want)
I search for the item 'Files' because I cant find it in the 'Magheracar' grid where it's supposed to be.
I find the item via search, and click on the link to the 'Magheracar' grid --

Minor Suggestion: pasting multiple items

1) Copy list from source
2) Paste list in InfoQube, creating a new item for each list item (ctrl-v; "2")
Each time a list is pasted, InfoQube scrolls to the top of the page.  Not a huge problem, obviously, but annoying when you're doing many lists as you have scroll back down several pages after each paste
Suggested Solution:
InfoQube should maintain the current view when a list is pasted.  View could center on the first or last item of the pasted list, or anywhere in that vicinity (just don't scroll to the top of the page each time).

Close X on Tabs

It's a small thing but please put it on the right - which to my knowledge is a near universal standard.  Or is there a setting for it in options and I missed it?

What happened to tool bars icons?

I opened the standard file I use for templates and found that many of the toolbar icons were missing.  I don't understand how that happened.  I thought I understood toolbar settings are determined by the last file closed.  If I have all files set up with the same toolbar layouts and don't make any changes, then all files (including new ones) should keep that layout.
I don't know why it lost the toolbar layout but since it was just one file, I decided to re-create the layout manually.  I pulled up the "all commands" list and found that the tool icons have apparently been changed.
1) There's no longer an icon for "save file" (only "save as").  If I drag the "save" tool to my header it inserts a labeled icon ("Save") which takes up too much space.
2) There's no longer a command to re-number items.
3) The


I am back after many years using Ecco ready to give infoqube another try. Today I went to the YouTube channel and saw the video on "homepage" 
I think it is a great idea to use YouTube to give an introduction to the way the program is used. However I was totally unable to grasp the purpose of showing how to use the homepage. 
 I understand what a two pane outliner is, and I understand what a single pane outliner is, and I think both of those formats have obvious uses to a lot of people.

IQ's good-looks: Theme Color

Now that IQ is looking really great, as well as being really great :-)  I want to write about the theme colour.
(Just in case: in the past there were multiple themes -- I believe there's only one now?)
I do like the blue-orange theme, but there's a problem with it:
it clashes badly with almost all the default item highlight colours.

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