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Good news IQ Users !
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I've set this on a 15 minutes timer
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Bug reporting procedure

When reporting what looks like a bug, please follow the following guidelines:
Keep in mind that while Drupal is your community web site, and posts will not be modified / deleted without your consent
Mantis is no longer used as bug tracker
  • In the View Issues page, check the "Fixed On" column (and compare with your version date) to know if that issue is in your version of IQ.

Combo offer: Visit Montreal and get InfoQube one-on-one training

We're pleased to announce that we now offer personalized one-on-one training right here in Montreal:
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  • What's included:
    • 7-night lodging
    • 2 full days of one-on-one training.

In your opinion, which bugs/features should be given the highest priority ?

This is mostly to get a feel of what seems to be the most important to users... for the fun of it, and for its potential usefulness.
So, here's what I propose.
1-  Review the mantis list and old feature/bug posts in this forum (a good exercise...) and think about what you miss the most in your everyday IQ usage,
2- Then list 10 (max!) features OR bugs already discussed*, ordered by priority, "1" being the highest priority. If required, a brief justification could follow each proposition. Then we can try to see which top 3-5 bugs/features are most "wanted".
*New stuff should be discussed separately, as it has always been.

Version 0.9.98 is now available !

Hi IQ Users !
Version v0.9.98 is now available:
  • New: Grid: WYSIWYG editor height now automatically sizes to show all text
  • New: Surface: Auto-Arrange items on the surface. Dialog shown to set auto-arrange options
  • New: Surface: Add Links...

How to set word wrap default?

How do I set text fields to have word wrap turned on by default?  Every time I add a text column it comes in with word wrap off.
I couldn't find anything in the Help File, Options, Field Properties, or Manage Grids.

Hyperlink Dialogue Fails Sometimes

I don't think I posted about this before because I was holding off to see if it'd been fixed but I see that I still have the problem in 9.97a.
When I create a hyperlink in the grid, and close the dialogue, the cell is sometimes left blank instead of creating the link.  It just happened three times in a row on the same link.  Annoying because I usually type out detailed descriptions that are lost.  I guess I'll have to copy the descriptions to save them until this can get fixed.  I haven't been able to figure out any pattern to it.
1) I thought it might be related to using forbidden symbols in the description but it occurs even with text only descriptions.
2) In the current example, the same entries failed three time in a row, so I reduced the description to one word.  That worked.  Then I added one word at a time to the description and each time it worked.  In the en

Showing Items in a Different Context (e.g. in context of items entered before/after)

I am thinking it would be useful to be able to show an item in the context of a number of the items I created/edited immediately before the current item.  As well as many other possible contexts that could be defined in different grids.
The Shown In Grids links in the Properties Pane provides a convenient way to show an item in different useful contexts.

Disappearing cursor

I know this is an old problem that has been solved then re-appeared several times but my cursor has started disappearing in the grid.  For me, the problem went away through several versions over the past few months, but has shown up again with my upgrade to 9.97a.
As before, the problem appears randomly.  Once it fails to show in a particular cell, it won't appear no matter how many times I leave, return, and re-try.
Also, rather than start another thread, I'll mention again another old problem that appeared some time back and hasn't been fixed as of 9.97a: 
1) Add field to form
2) Form list collapses instead of staying open like it should.  (I think there are other cases where it collapses when it shouldn't but this one occurs 100% of the time for me).

Focus shifts when text is pasted.

I noticed that when you select an item, it highlights both that item and the column header.  I assumed this was a new feature but wonder if it's related to the following behavior:
1) Select item.
2) Paste text (ctrl-v)
3) Text is pasted, but the grid view switches to the top of the grid.
I've confirmed this multiple times in two files.  Note: it only occurs if you're in cell select mode.  If you double-click to enter edit mode, the text pastes correctly without the view switching to the top of the screen
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