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Bug reporting procedure

When reporting what looks like a bug, please follow the following guidelines:
Keep in mind that while Drupal is your community web site, and posts will not be modified / deleted without your consent
Mantis is no longer used as bug tracker
  • In the View Issues page, check the "Fixed On" column (and compare with your version date) to know if that issue is in your version of IQ.

Combo offer: Visit Montreal and get InfoQube one-on-one training

We're pleased to announce that we now offer personalized one-on-one training right here in Montreal:
  • Come visit this beautiful city, a taste of Europe, right here in America. Enjoy its exquisite cuisine, beautiful parks and exciting nightlife.
  • You'll have exclusive access to a centrally located, century old and fully renovated 850 sq. ft. apartment (bedroom, living room, full kitchen, parking, air-conditioned - sleeps 4 adults)
  • Cost: $995US (with tax-deductible receipt)
  • What's included:
    • 7-night lodging
    • 2 full days of one-on-one training.

In your opinion, which bugs/features should be given the highest priority ?

This is mostly to get a feel of what seems to be the most important to users... for the fun of it, and for its potential usefulness.
So, here's what I propose.
1-  Review the mantis list and old feature/bug posts in this forum (a good exercise...) and think about what you miss the most in your everyday IQ usage,
2- Then list 10 (max!) features OR bugs already discussed*, ordered by priority, "1" being the highest priority. If required, a brief justification could follow each proposition. Then we can try to see which top 3-5 bugs/features are most "wanted".
*New stuff should be discussed separately, as it has always been.

using iq with autohotkey

 I use autohotkey, usually for the purpose of entering the date in the format "2018.04.17.2020", via an autohotkey hotstring.  For some reason when I am using IQ on my desktop, and I type in my autohotkey hotstring into a IQ grid cell, it does not get expanded.  However, if I type in my hotstring into any other program on my desktop, it does get expanded.  Curiously enough, when I am running IQ on my laptop, the hotstring does get expanded when I type it into an IQ grid cell.
Anybody else use autohotkey with IQ, and have a similar problem?  
It's not a big deal, but it is a minor annoyance.

Experience from an Outliner's Perspective

Pierre -  Over on the Outliner forum you asked for some comments.  I don't think what I have typed below is appropriate over there, so am tying them in full here.  I do hate to sound like a complainer but maybe these will be of some use to you.  Good luck with your program:
For purposes of this test I downloaded the latest version to start from scratch.
I start the program and immediately see some type of mostly blank "home page" that has nothing to do with outlining as far as I can tell.  Because of years of playing with this I know that your outlines have something to do with "Grids" which I would never be able to expect my secretary or anyone else to understand without training.
Because I know I need to go to a grid to start an outline, I look for how to start a new Grid.  The references on the "home page"

Google Calendar and Tasks Sync

When I create a Google task with a due date, it shows up on my Google calendar. It's a great feature and I use it a lot. I don't recall whether that's ever been discussed with regard to the IQ/Google Calendar sync that is being worked on. My wish list:
  • Any Google task that shows up on my Google Calendar should similarly show up on my IQ calendar.
  • Any IQ task with a due date that is selected to show on my IQ calendar should show up on my Google Calendar.
Of course the settings for both should be controllable by the user based on what the user wants to sync. I can imagine some users not wanting their IQ tasks to sync to Google calendar or perhaps visa versa.

Workspace Tab Context Menu

Workspace Tab Context Menu

  • Close Tabs commands
  • Show in a New Tab: Opens a second copy of the current tab
  • Detach Tab: Views can be detached and shown as panes in the main UI. Once detached, panes can be docked, stacked, pinned and hidden
  • Copy / Paste View: Use these commands to add a view to an existing tab. View will be shown as a pane, which can be docked, stacked, pinned and hidden inside the tab. See "Using Dashboards"
  • Calendar, Grids, etc
  • Tab Groups: Splits the main UI into 2 or more tab groups, either horizontally or vertically
Hints: The Workspace Tab context menu is also displayed for pane headers and in grids, on the blank area below the items

The power of handwriting: One more reason to use IQ's Ink documents

Hi IQ Users !
From a 2016 article in the WSJ:
Students who take notes by hand in class outperform students who type notes.
As more students use their phones, laptops and tablets in class, they may be surprised to learn they will have more success learning new material if they write.
WSJ's Lee Hotz joins Lunch Break With Tanya Rivero to discuss
Interview here:
One good reason to use IQ's built-in Ink documents to take notes during classes and meeting...

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