Release Notes

InfoQube Release Notes
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0.9.106 (2017-12-01)
  • New: Calendar: Google Calendar Sync: Support for repeating events. This is the second step of the process in finalizing the Calendar
  • Fixed: Calendar: Changes done in the Properties pane was only applied to the last selected event
0.9.105 (2017-11-20)
  1. New: Read-only view of Google Calendar events. Use Tools > Google Connect and select which calendars are to be linked. Non-repeating events only.
    Sync every X seconds or set it to manual and click on the Calendar icon on the status bar to sync
    This is the first step of the process in finalizing the Calendar:
    • v105: Read-only view of non-repeating events
    • v106: Support for Repeating Event
    • v107: Read / Write for non-repeating events
    • v108: Read / Write for Repeating events
    • v109: Support one-way sync to InfoQube items
    • v110: Support two-way sync to InfoQube items
    • v111: Calendar UI improvements
  2. New: Grid: Item > Select Sub-Items command. Selects the immediate sub-items of the currently selected item(s). Hold Ctrl key to keep current selection
  3. New: Grid: Filter-on-Type support. The filter bar (yellow bar below the grid) now stays visible even if empty. Use this to Filter-on-type
  4. New: Grid: Auto-Search (Ctrl + F3) now shows collapsed items.
    Combined with the recent addition of background loading of sub-items, it is now much easier to find items in deep hierarchies
  5. New: Grid: New Status bar toggle button to set arrow keys behavior when editing a cell
  6. New: List of Grids: 3 new right-click commands:
  7. New: Grid: After toggling sort ON then OFF, the sort order of TLI items is now restored. So it is possible to manually order items and then use any sorting without risking loosing the manual sort. Turn sort OFF to return to the manual item sort order
  8. New: Calendar: Load visible events only (improves performance and reduces resource usage)
  9. New: Surface: Item > Select Sub-Items command. Selects the immediate sub-items of the currently selected item(s).
    Hold Ctrl key to keep current selection. Hold Shift to also select linked items (i.e. detached items). If the item doesn't have any sub-items, this command will select all linked items.
  10. New: Surface: Auto-arrange dialog now has an option to detach sub-items first and then auto-arrange
  11. New: When showing the Home Page, the main IQ title bar now shows the active view name (Press Alt + 1 to return to this view)
  12. New: Live-Search: Button to show Home Pages. Use the HTML page to perform edits
  13. New: New Item global shortcut (Win + N) supports multiple New Item dialogs opened at the same time
  14. New: New Item global shortcut: If the main IQ window significantly hides the currently active window, it is minimized so as to not hide it. Once clipping is done, it is restored
  15. New: New Item dialog: Item text is now a WYSIWYG editor (same as the event dialog)
  16. New: New Item dialog: Item text is now resizable. If the HTML section is shown, press Alt + Up / Down to resize. Dialog size is now saved / restored
  17. New: HTML pane: When showing MHT, SVG or Ink documents, File > Save now computes the document height which is used in HTML Export
  18. New: HTML pane: Markdown: Option to use external Markdown editor.
  19. New: HTML pane: Markdown: Editor now supports pasting images from the clipboard
  20. New: HTML pane: Markdown: Editor now supports inserting Tables and Hyperlinks
  21. New: HTML pane: F2 to toggle between Edit and View. Shift + F2 to open external editor
  22. New: HTML pane: Ink documents: Stoke date / time is now shown on the status bar
  23. New: EmailToIQ: When Auto-Import is disabled, Icon on statusbar now shows a tooltip of the subject of the most recent email to import
  24. New: EmailToIQ: Support for more field delimiters. Use any of # | ~ ! @ $ % & + - / \. Previously, # was required, but this can clash with Twitter-like tags
    (only rule: use space followed by the delimiter twice and then enter the "field=value" list)
  25. New: Tools > Options: Expand states of each section / sub-section is now saved / restored. Improved looks too !
  26. New: Tools > Options: Better UI to select fonts
  27. Change: Menu bar large icons are now 24x24 instead of 32x32. As they are just scaled 16x16, there is no point in such large icons, even on high DPI displays
  28. Change: HTML pane: New Ink documents now use the .shtml extension (.slink extension is still supported though not recommended)
  29. Fixed: Close buttons are now shown on the right side of tabs (for tabs on the top)
  30. Fixed: Sometimes, at startup, the wrong menu setup was shown
  31. Fixed: When restoring the layout, multiple instances of the same tab were not restored
  32. Fixed: Showing the Home Page changed the main IQ menus
  33. Fixed: Customize dialog only showed visible commands
  34. Fixed: Un-hiding a docked pane could change the currently focused tab in the workspace
  35. Fixed: Un-hiding a docked pane could change the currently focused item
  36. Fixed: Grid: Removing a grid filter clicking on the X on the yellow filter bar did not show the correct items selected
  37. Fixed: Grid: WYSIWYG editor did not show Italic, Underline and Strikethrough item font properties
  38. Fixed: Grid: Column > locked columns was not updated and allowed negative numbers
  39. Fixed: Grid: Item > Sort Sub-items: Order was not saved
  40. Fixed: Grid: Right-click on the column header > Sort Ascending / Descending sorted items AND sub-items even when the Sort setting was set to sort only items
  41. Fixed: Grid: Toggling Hoist ON then OFF, could change the order of TLI items
  42. Fixed: Grid: Edit > Touch: Incorrect handling of the touch feature when the value is null: executes the M flag, instead of the E flag
  43. Fixed: Grid: When Auto-Update is On, adding an item sometimes moves the grid scrolling position
  44. Fixed: Live-Search: When showing Favorites or Marked items, output was always a list of item, even when "Live Search Output" was selected
  45. Fixed: Live-Search: Focus was moved to the HTML pane
  46. Fixed: Live-Search: F9 did not move focus to the search result
  47. Fixed: HTML pane: Using Alt-Tab to switch to another app and back did not properly set the focus to the pane
  48. Fixed: HTML pane: Markdown, MHT, SVG and Ink documents now update as soon the file is saved by the external editor. If the file is saved in a Dropbox-like folder, the editing can even be on another PC or mobile device
  49. Fixed: HTML pane: Auto-save moved the focus away from the pane to the grid
  50. Fixed: Properties pane: Expand states or the various sections were not save / restored correctly
  51. Fixed: Properties pane: Improved scrolling with some touchpads. Improved touch support too
  52. Fixed: Properties pane: Touch and Recalculate now work on all selected items
    Touch on the field name will do as if all items were separately touched
    Touch on the field value will set the value to all items (as if the cell value was changed)
  53. Fixed: Clipper / New Item dialog: EmailToIQ fields and Wikitags were not sent correctly
  54. Fixed: Calendar Sync dialog ? button sometimes fails retrieving events and reports 0 event in the calendar
  55. Fixed: Manage Fields: Correct handling when a field that has child fields is deleted
  56. Fixed: Manage Fields: Saving fields that have equations was sometimes long for large databases (when the Properties pane all-fields list was set to tree-view)
  57. Fixed: New Item global shortcut could clear the content of a Universal clipper dialog
  58. Fixed: New Item dialog: If Assign to Grid is checked and the grid was hoisted, items were not correctly added to the grid
  59. Fixed: New Item dialog: some keyboard shortcuts were not working (Ctrl + A, F2, Ctrl + N)
  60. Fixed: EmailToIQ subject was always set to EmaiToIQ (bug introduced in v105)
  61. Fixed: Faster window resize
  62. Fixed: When main window is maximized and options is set to hide the title bar, the close / restore buttons are now shown at the top-right edge of the main window.
    It is actually a toolbar, which can be moved, if desired
  63. Fixed: View Timeline command was not showing
  64. Fixed: VBScript: Coding error in system function SetFontAttrib
  65. Fixed: Lock-up could occur when showing the toolbar customize dialog
0.9.104 (2017-10-06)
  1. New: View > Layout > Workspace Tabs command (Alt + Ctrl + W) switches between 5 tab layouts: Normal, Fit, Compressed, Multi-line and Left side. Setting for the maximum tab width when on the left side
  2. New: Improved Workspace tabs looks. Google Chrome-like
  3. New: Option to hide icons on workspace tabs
  4. New: Tab Close button now shows on mouse-over only (making for smaller workspace tabs)
  5. New: Grid: Load collapsed sub-items in background. In Grid > Properties, set Auto-Update to enable this new feature. Grid > Display mode must also be set to Outline (Normal). Maximum number of sub-items to load is set in Tools > Options. Column filters are now more effective and Live-Search more accurate !
  6. New: Grid: When the Source / Group bar is not shown, clicking on the column header toggles between selecting all items and selection the current item
  7. New: Live-Search: Shown-in column is now more complete
  8. New: Field Management: Improved performance for large databases. Nb Items column now updates only visible fields and if the column is more than 10 pixels. Close column to prevent item count update
  9. New: Properties pane: Dates that are shown in the Calendar are now shown in bold
  10. New: HTML Export: Improved UI (in preparation for Heading style export)
  11. New: Tools > Options: Option to set the UI font face and size
  12. New: Holding Shift or Ctrl while loading an IQBase will show the Restore Layout dialog
  13. New: Deleting an item now sends the related HTML pane files (if any) to the recycle bin (instead of deleting them)
  14. Change: Grid: Reduced clutter on the label above the grid. Click on the folder icon to show / hide the source bar
  15. Change: Grid: The column filter now shows values for all items in the grid. Hold Shift to view only visible items (before it was the opposite)
  16. Fixed: Grid: Item count was not shown when the grid was in a pane
  17. Fixed: Grids: Grid dropdown list showed all grids, not just marked to be shown on the list
  18. Fixed: Grid: Edit > Renumber could cause crash if the Step is empty
  19. Fixed: Live-Search: Clicking a grid in the Shown-in column opened the correct grid but did not move the focus to the correct item
  20. Fixed: Panes: When closing / hiding a pane, focus is moved to the main window, but it did not trigger a focused item change event, so Properties and HTML pane were not showing the corrent item
  21. Fixed: HTML Export: After an Email merge, the main IQ window was locked
  22. Fixed: HTML Export: Back color and item fonts were not the same as the grid
  23. Fixed: HTML pane: Cleanup HTML code did not work for embedded DIVs (DIVs inside a DIV)
0.9.103 (2017-09-11)
  1. New: File > New: Now shows a list of template files. Looks up in the current folder and in the AppFiles folder
  2. New: Field Color: Shown in Grids (as colored column), Properties pane and the Calendar
  3. New: Grid: Column Color. Alternative way to set Field Color
  4. New: Grid: Option to show field color on Header and/or Cells (Tools > Options)
  5. New: Grid: Background color for each grid. Now you can color-code grids ! Set in Grid > Properties
  6. New: Grid: Default grid line options (Horiz, Vert, etc, color and style). Set in Tools > Options
  7. New: Grid: Grid specific line options (type, color and style). Set in Grid > Properties
  8. New: Grid: Default Column header color setting (Tools > Options)
  9. New: Grid: Column header alignment
  10. New: Grid: Column alignment is now linked to field alignment and any change is applied to all grids
  11. New: Grid: Can open more than 1 instance of a grid and have separate view settings for each (i.e. one can show all items and another one hoisted, or one can have a datefilter and the other one an alphafilter)
  12. New: Grid Sub-views: When more than 1 instance of a grid is shown, each can have distinct sub-views. For example, one pivot table can show your budget in 2016 and another one for 2017. Before, the grid and a clone (same grid saved as a different name) were required
  13. New: HTML pane: Edit > Cleanup HTML Tags command: Removes most tag styles attributes
  14. New: Field Properties: Press F2 or double-click on the Popup list to open in a larger window
  15. New: History: If the view is closed, a dialog is shown for options (Open view, skip this item, cancel)
  16. New: When opening a password protected file, the dialog stays open until a valid password is entered or Cancel is pressed
  17. Change: Grid: Hyperlink in a grid will no longer hoist the current grid, so as not to lose focus. Another instance of the grid will be opened if need be
  18. Change: HTML pane: Deleting a large portion of the content in the pane no longer shows a dialog. Instead, a taskbar popup is shown. Click the popup (or do Edit > Undo) to undo
  19. Fixed: File > New: Closed the current IQBase before opening the new one
  20. Fixed: File > Save as: Added SNTemplate file type
  21. Fixed: Grid: Adding items while in Hoist was not saved, so a refresh did not show these items
  22. Fixed: Grid: Showing the Done checkbox (grid properties) required a refresh to update the checkboxes state
  23. Fixed: Grid: WYSIWYG Editor: Paste accented characters were incorrectly encoded
  24. Fixed: HTML pane: Edit > Use DIV and Use Paragraph did not always work
  25. Fixed: History : if item is in a hidden pane : pane doesn't unhide to show item
  26. Fixed: Undo: Changes to the HTML pane did not log an entry in the undo list
  27. Fixed: Advanced Search: Results are not shown if the destination grid is hoisted
  28. Fixed: Timers on the status bar stopped counting when other programs have focus
0.9.102 (2017-08-24)
  1. New: On starting InfoQube checks to see if the file to load is already opened in another instance and prompts the users as to what to do (switch, open, cancel)
  2. New: File > Page Setup
  3. New: Improved Recent Files list management
  4. New: Recent Files: Right-click to remove entries
  5. New: Copy - Paste > Paste Special files in the grid now shows the File Link dialog (same as for Explorer drag-drop).
  6. New: HTML pane: When position is set to absolute, images can now be freely moved around
  7. New: HTML pane: Insert Checkbox dialog now has a dropdown list of all Y/N fields
  8. Change: Grid: Hoisted grid now have a more compact tab caption
  9. Fixed: Grid: If an image is missing or incorrectly added using the tags, a placeholder is now shown, so users know something is wrong. Before, the tag was simply ignored
  10. Fixed: Grid: Item > Add sibling item was broken. A sibling item has the same list of parents
  11. Fixed: Gantt > Task Links > Properties did not work, only right-click on the link worked
  12. Fixed: Gantt: Is Summary bar was not checked when a bar was a Summary bar type
  13. Fixed: Pivot Chart: Refresh (F5) did not work
  14. Fixed: HTML pane: File > Page Setup did not do anything
  15. Fixed: HTML pane: Print Preview: French accents were not shown correctly
  16. Fixed: HTML pane: Edit > Remove Outer Element did not work correctly
  17. Fixed: Properties pane: Sometimes right-click on a field > Field Properties did not work
  18. Fixed: Import Hierarchical data was only importing first level items
0.9.101 (2017-08-12)
  • New: Multi-user: Improved multi-user support. Changes made by other users on a LAN (or other instances on the same PC) are detected and views auto-update.
    Use Tool > Options > This Database > 2.4.11 to set the update delay (in seconds)
  • New: Outline labels: Support for icons / fonts
  • New: Properties Pane: Parse Equation context menu when applicable
  • New: Field Properties: General: Text fields: Parse equation if starts with '='
  • New: Live-Search: Click on the # column toggles between selecting all items and no items
  • Fixed: Drag-drop from one grid to one on another tab did not work
  • Fixed: Live-Search: If no items in the search results are selected, it returned all items in the IQBase
  • Fixed: Live-Search: Search in Current Grid was broken. Output search result in Current Grid was also broken
  • Fixed: Icons: icons names were case sensitive
0.9.100 (2017-07-28)
  • New: Items: Show Levels dialog. Pane to show / hide sub-items. Supports any depth level
  • New: Grid: Option to set the single-click edit behavior (click on text or click on blank area)
  • New: History: Context menu commands to pin / unpin items and to remove items from History (Pinned items are not deleted when deleting History)
  • Change: Item menu: All sub-items commands are now grouped under a Sub-Items menu
  • Change: Main IQ UI is no longer locked while in WYSIWYG Print Preview
  • Fixed: Grid: When grouping is on, improved Copy / Paste to plain and rich text editors (Edit > Copy > 2- Selected rows and columns)
  • Fixed: Grid: WYSIWYG editor: Cursor position was not always restored to the exact position when the editor height was increased
  • Fixed: Field: Multi-select parsing sometimes truncates left-most characters
  • Fixed: Tools > Keyboard Shortcuts > View All: Some command names were incorrect
  • Fixed: HTML pane: Markdown documents related issues
0.9.99 (2017-07-22)
  • New: View > History: Navigate forwards and backwards in your item viewing history. Automatic and manual modes. Dropdown shows list of History items
  • New: Grid: Column Width dialog. Supports multiple columns. Option to set the default width for columns
  • New: Edit > Copy Special > Copy as Hyperlink
  • New: Grid: Support for c and r tags (to center / right align text)
  • Change: Menu clean-up
  • Fixed: Grid: Multi-Select editor Sync Fields did not work when the settings were not of the "Enclosed" type
  • Fixed: Grid: Copy / Paste sometimes failed (namely when clip contained bullet characters)
  • Fixed: Grid: Holding Ctrl key no longer showed Tooltips for items and column headers
  • Fixed: Import: If field names contained a space, import failed
0.9.98 (2017-06-23)
  • New: Grid: WYSIWYG editor height now automatically sizes to show all text
  • New: Surface: Auto-Arrange items on the surface. Dialog shown to set auto-arrange options
  • New: Surface: Add Links... command: opens a list of items on the surface where you can select items to link to
  • New: Surface: When creating a link, click on the popup notification to enter the link text
  • New: Surface: Mouse wheel now behaves as in other views: up/down scrolls, Shift + up/down scrolls left/right, Ctrl + up/down zoom in/out
  • New: Surface: Ctrl + Shift + wheel down now zooms out to show all items
  • New: Surface: Ctrl + Shift + wheel up on an item now centers that item and increases the zoom to 100%
  • New: Surface: Cursor keys now move the surface
  • New: Surface: PgUp/PgDn now scrolls the surface. Shift + PgUp/PgDn scrolls left/right
  • New: Surface: Home move to the center of the surface and sets the zoom to 100%, Ctrl + Home shows all items
  • New: Field: Wrap text in Properties pane property is now used as the default wrap setting for grids
  • Fixed: Grid: Paste could change the scroll position (occurs when not editing)
  • Fixed: Grid: Pressing Escape did not cancel editing (non WYSIWYG editor)
  • Fixed: Grid: In Edit mode, Hyperlink dialog fails if the cell is empty
  • Fixed: Grid: When the HTML pane is visible, switching to an item in the grid and pressing immediately on F2 to edit started edit as expected but the cursor (caret) is not visible
  • Fixed: Omnibox: When doing search, the focus is not always moved to the Search result grid
  • Fixed: New Item dialog: Cursor was sometimes not visible
  • Fixed: New Item dialog: When using the hotkey (Win + N), focus was not set on the dialog, but on the main IQ window
  • Fixed: Switching to another app and back did not set the focus to the last active window when the window is a dialog (Field management, New Item, etc)
  • Fixed: Numerous other focus issues related to having views in panes
0.9.97a (2017-05-12)
  • New: Edit > Unselect All command (Ctrl + Shift + U)
  • New: Grid: Option to turn off highlight of the focused cell
  • New: Grid: Option to highlight row and column headers
  • New: Grid: Option to not automatically select the item when the focus is set to the # column (use Alt + S to select the item)
  • Fixed: When switching between applications, Edit was not resumed if the grid was in a pane
  • Fixed: Grid: When pasting complex HTML into the grid, line breaks were inserted every 80 characters or so
  • Fixed: Grid: When using the pop-up editor, the item split command did not order items correctly
  • Fixed: Grid: Undo after an Edit > Cut did not work when more than one cell was selected
  • Fixed: Home Page: An initial click was required to set focus to the Home Page before it responded to click events
  • Fixed: Home Page: Setting focus to the Home Page updated the Properties and HTML panes
0.9.96f (2017-05-05)
  • New: Google Connect Dialog. Supports OAUTH2 secure authorization. Once connected, can list the calendars. Users can select the sync parameters for each calendar
  • New: Grid: Paste Special Dialog
  • New: Grid list menus: Right-click on a grid shows the Copy View command (to paste as a pane)
  • New: Grid list menus: Shows when Grids host panes (shows the number of panes)
  • New: Surface: Grow / Shrink font commands are now enabled
  • New: Calendar: Can now set font type and size
  • New: Omnibox: Search string is now shown in the dropdown
  • New: Item: Show in Calendar is checked when an item is shown at least once in the Calendar
  • New: Dropbox sync: Dialog now has option to dismiss and show later
  • New: Tools > Help > User Manual (online and offline)
  • Change: Grid: WYSIWYG Editor: Improved pasting of html content
  • Change: Tools > Database > Rebuild is buggy. Disabled until a better method is implemented
  • Fixed: Sometimes some of the top menus were disabled when they should not
  • Fixed: Tooltips were not shown on toolbars
  • Fixed: Erasing an item did not erase the ItemIDXXXX_files folder (which contains support files, images, etc)
  • Fixed: When views are shown in panes and these panes are grouped as tabs in a hidden pane, clicking on the panes caused UI issues eventually leading to a crash
  • Fixed: Menus and toolbars better adapt to the view type (grid, Calendar, Surface, Pivot, MapView, etc)
  • Fixed: Grid: Editing ended when switching focus to another application and back (non-WYSIWYG editor)
  • Fixed: Grid: Split item dialog: if the item is a TLI, source field is not assigned to the created items when Duplicate item values is not checked
  • Fixed: Grid: Changes to AutoSearch settings (in Tools > Options or in field settings) were not applied immediately. A refresh was required
  • Fixed: Grid: Deleting the Item Home when shown as a column did not work
  • Fixed: Grid: Copy > Paste sometimes showed a dialog saying that there are 2 lines in the clipboard when there was in reality only one
  • Fixed: Grid: Columns > un-hide all columns did not un-hide the # column if hidden
  • Fixed: Grid: Drag-drop a column from the properties pane was possible when Columns > Show columns was not checked
  • Fixed: Grid: When the focus was in a pane of a tab, pressing Ctrl + W to close it did not close the tab (just the pane)
  • Fixed: Grid: Hyperlink to a grid did not move focus to that grid
  • Fixed: Calendar: Zoom in/out was disabled
  • Fixed: Surface: Erase item did not show the confirmation dialog. New option to delete just this item or the item and all sub-items
  • Fixed: Omnibox: Characters were sometimes dropped when typing fast on large databases
  • Fixed: Changing the item locked state did not update the Properties pane
  • Fixed: Properties Pane: Deleting the Item Home silently deleted the item (!)
  • Fixed: Properties pane: Changing the item locked state in the Properties pane when multiple items are selected in a grid did not update the Item Lock column (if shown) for all grid items
  • Fixed: Omnibox: Some commands were shown when they should not
  • Fixed: Item > Show in Calendar command was sometimes not visible
  • Fixed: Focus related issues when using docking panes
  • Fixed: Backups: Delete timestamped backups no longer kept 1 per day, but deleted all backups
0.9.95 (2017-03-28)
  • New: Gantt: Multiple Undo
  • New: Gantt: Improved Critical path calculation and display. Details here
  • New: Gantt: Ctrl + Mouse wheel now changes zoom (same as it is for the grid)
  • New: Gantt: Shift + Mouse when now scrolls the chart left - right (same as it is for the grid)
  • New: Gantt: Start date, End date and range is now shown on the status bar whenever it is changed
  • New: View > Zoom Reset (grids, map view, surface, calendar)
  • New: HTML Pane: If the ItemHTMLFile points to a folder (i.e. not a file), now shows an Explorer view of the folder content. Click the Back button to move to the Parent folder (Ctrl + left arrow). Focused file is shown on the URL toolbar
  • New: HTML pane: When in Browse mode, supports file drag-drop. Drag a file to show it in the HTML pane. Click Save to make this permanent
  • New: HTML pane opens to the left of the Properties pane
  • New: Properties pane: ItemHTMLFile field now has a button to select the file
  • New: Field Management: When the list is filtered (to show Date fields only for example), Export All Equations now shows those first and then shows all other fields
  • New: EmailToIQ: Manual Import option. Status bar shows the number of emails ready to be imported
  • New: When using Dropbox sync, opening the IQBase in the sync folder automatically disables sync (no point syncing the file as it is already in the sync folder)
  • Fixed: Grid: WYSIWYG editor: When starting editing, a few characters were sometimes dropped (fast typing)
  • Fixed: Gantt: Numerous other fixes
  • Fixed: HTML pane: now updates on changes to the field ItemHTMLFile
0.9.94 (2017-03-15)
  • New: Surface: Item > On the Surface command to add / remove items from the surface. Supports multiple selections
  • New: Surface: Improved Link Items and Delete Link commands
  • New: HTML pane: When viewing a web page and selecting New MHT File, option to convert content to MHT. Effectively, this captures an exact replica as a local file. Same for New HTML File.
  • New: Add Item Dialog: Fields can be assigned values
  • Fixed: Grid: Sometimes, erasing an item did not show the dialog and simply remove it from the current parent
  • Fixed: Grid: Better support for drag-drop of items to hoisted grids
  • Fixed: Grid: Item order is sometimes changed when moving left / right (i.e. promote / demote the hierarchy level
  • Fixed: Grid: Split item did not assign the grid source field (so item would no longer show up after a refresh)
  • Fixed: Gantt: Resizing the grid did not size the Gantt, so it could be hidden altogether
  • Fixed: HTML pane: IQ locked up when showing a PDF file
  • Fixed: Properties pane: Forms section was sometimes not shown
  • Fixed: Properties pane: Drag-drop could change the order of sections. Also, the Item was shown twice under "Current Grid"
  • Fixed: Right-click on a non-selected item showed the context menu briefly then it disappeared.
  • Fixed: Manage Grids: Save Grid Order was broken
  • Fixed: Hyperlink and HML Export dialogs: Browse for file was not working
0.9.93 (2017-03-08)
  • New: Surface: Supports Ctrl + 0-9 to expand / collapse items
  • New: Surface: Link line type selector (i.e. solid, dot, dash, etc)
  • New: Surface: View Origin to move to the center of the Surface
  • New: Surface: Show Hidden Items command. (for housekeeping purposes)
  • New: Surface: Green checkmark icon is now shown for items that are explicitly added to the Surface. Items that do not have this icon are sub-items of Surface items
  • New: Surface: Press Ctrl + Shift to toggle the display of extended links (combined or distinct)
  • New: Surface: Resizing now handles multiple selections correctly
  • Change: HTML pane: Changes to templates no longer require a re-start to be effective (i.e. NewHTML.htm, etc)
  • Change: Manual check of EmailToIQ shows dialog to choose how many days back, 0=new emails
  • Fixed: Grid: Improved item selection ("Click and Drag" and "Ctrl + Click")
  • Fixed: Grid: Export to Excel was broken (and incorrectly reported successful file creation). Same for Office Links (.odc files)
  • Fixed: Grid: When Hoisted, Export to Excel generated a file for the non-hoisted grid. Same for Office Links (.odc files)
  • Fixed: Surface: On initial setup, links color was set to white (invisible on a white background). Now set to black
  • Fixed: HTML Pane: When in Browse mode, images are not resolved (in case of path differences between PCs)
  • Fixed: EmailToIQ does not trigger a change seen by dropbox sync
0.9.92 (2017-03-03)
  • Preview: IQ Surface: A brand new view of your data. Infinite sized canvas where you can put / show items. Expand / Collapse. Show / Hide items.
    Sub-items appear under the parent item but can be pulled away for a more mind-map look. Fully integrated with the rest of InfoQube.
  • New: Grid: Outline Labels. See 2. Outline Labels for details
  • New: Grid > Sort > Source Item Sort now has a submenu, showing recently used sort strings
  • New: Grid: WYSIWYG editor: If the edit window height is increased (Alt+Down Arrow), the editor will no longer close through cursor movements
  • New: Grid: Ctrl + 0 completely expands selected items (no level limit). Expansion will stop in case of recursion of course
  • New: Grid: If more than 1 column is selected, a confirmation dialog is shown when removing columns. Also, the tree column cannot be removed. To remove it, set the tree to another column first.
  • New: MapView: Expand states now match the expand states of the corresponding grid
  • New: MapView: Support Ctrl + 1-9 to expand / collapse current item
  • New: MapView: Ctrl + 0 completely expands selected items (no level limit). Expansion will stop in case of recursion of course
  • New: MapView: Item > Mark item and Item > Add Marked Item as Children commands are now working
  • New: Home Page: All lists now support expand / collapse (Favorites, Grids, Groups, etc)
  • New: Home Page: Added [GridGroups] token. Will list all grid groups
  • New: HTML pane: Edit > Paste: If there is only one format in the clipboard, the select format dialog is not shown (i.e. such as when pasting an image)
  • New: Properties pane: No longer need to go in edit mode to paste. Paste can be done in both columns of the pane (field and field-value)
  • New: Properties pane: Double-click on Home (or right-click) shows all items with the same home
  • New: Field Properties: Default alignments for fields: Text: Left, Date and Y/N: Centered, Number: Right
  • New: EmailToIQ: Right-click on the EmailToIQ command to re-import messages (uncheck Delete from Server for this to work)
  • New: Tools > Options: Option to show the close button on the selected tab only
  • Change: Grid: Context Parents is now a dropdown button
  • Change: Grid: Ctrl + 1-9 now expands / collapses the selected items. use Shift +Ctrl + 1-9 to do it on all items
  • Fixed: Grid: Hiding the # column as not saved, so it re-appeared the next time the grid was opened
  • Fixed: Grid: Drag-drop a file / URL onto the blank portion of a grid did not work
  • Fixed: Grid: Column sort commands did not sort sub-items even though the menu is set to sort items and sub-items (manual sort)
  • Fixed: Grid: Item sort commands did not sort sub-items even though the menu is set to sort items and sub-items (manual sort)
  • Fixed: Grid: Ctrl+Click did not allow selection of more than 1 item
  • Fixed: Popup editor: Floating formatting toolbar disappeared sometimes. Now shown on the bottom left corner of the window
  • Fixed: MapView: Icon to show item has HTML content was not always shown
  • Fixed: MapView: Recursion could cause infinite loop and crash
  • Fixed: MapView: If layout is set to Horizontal, cursor keys do not work as expected
  • Fixed: HTML pane: Paste text containing "<", such as "" as text does not paste (it was interpreted as an HTML tag)
  • Fixed: HTML pane: File > New > New HTML File did not work
  • Fixed: Properties pane: Right-click -> Show grid with same name was broken
  • Fixed: Properties Pane: Faster update when the field ItemHasHTML is shown. (perform a Repair to apply this fix)
  • Fixed: EmailToIQ: Setting the item parent on the email subject (such as #IDParent) did not set it as the main parent.
    So the item had a parent but it was not set as the main parent, so it did not show as a context parent.
    Database repair now fixes these kind of inconsistencies.
    Also, in such cases, the parent is now not shown in bold in the Properties pane, so users can right-click and select Set as Main Parent
  • Fixed: EmailToIQ: Emails are not retrieved when IQ is not the active program (doesn't have focus)
  • Fixed: EmailToIQ: EmailDate was not the actual email date but the date the email was imported in IQ
  • Fixed: HTML Export: Lock up if the File Overwrite dialog is shown
  • Fixed: Backup: Delete timestamped auto-backup files after (n) days was not working
0.9.91c (2017-01-18)
  • New: Item Home: Replaces ItemHomeGrid and is automatically assigned, to the view where the item was created.
    Shown in the Item Properties section of the Properties Pane. Now you always know where an item was created. (see Item Home for details)
  • New: Add Item dialog: Paste as context menu
  • New: EmailToIQ settings dialog: Checkbox to set the Username equal to the Email Address (often the case for web mail servers)
  • New: EmailToIQ: Use ## to mark the start of the fields
  • New: EmailToIQ: # flags that could not be processed (non-existent fields for example) are added to the item text so users are aware of the problem
  • Change: EmailToIQ: Fields in Tools > Options > 2.3.3 are always set. Before these were set only if no # flags was found in the email subject line
  • Change: Favorites: Right-click on the command to remove the item from Favorites
  • Change: Comma is no longer allowed in field names
  • Change: Pop-up editor was non-modal (to allow use of the formatting toolbar). It is back to being modal (as it should be) but with a mini-toolbar showing when some text is selected.
  • Fixed: Grid: Join items failed if "Delete Merged Items" is checked (see "Join Items" fails when "Delete Merged Items" box is checked)
  • Fixed: Grid: Sorting by clicking on the column header sometimes required many clicks to sort
  • Fixed: Grid: Event loop could cause high CPU usage
0.9.90a (2016-12-29)
  • New: HTML Pane: Markdown documents (see Using Markdown documents)
  • New: EmailToIQ: Now supports embedded images and attached files
  • New: HTML pane: Ctrl + M toggles Browse Mode
  • Change: New color scheme (to better handle recent changes to the UI)
  • Fixed: Grid: Paste image was broken
  • Fixed: HTML Pane: Showing MS Excel spreadsheet in the HTML pane was broken
  • Fixed: Clipper: When sending a clipping using EmailToIQ failed, the dialog closed with an error message. Users had to clip again. Now, the dialog stays open so you can send it directly to the IQBase.
  • Numerous smaller issues reported in the forum
0.9.89 (2016-12-16)
  • New: HTML pane: Can now add checkboxes. Default shortcut is Ctrl + Shift + C. A dialog is shown to select options (and select linked field). Press Enter to close. If a field is linked to the checkbox, changes can be made in the HTML pane and/or elsewhere in IQ. and these will synchronize. Combining this new feature with HTML's built template support provides a new view of data, in the form of a "dynamic HTML pane
  • New: Grid: Can now hide the # column, just like any other column in the grid
  • Change: Grid: Grid > Hoist command (Ctrl + H) now switches between hoisting selected items and turning Hoist off. Added Hoist > Special command to show the dialog
  • Fixed: Fixed numerous focus issues related to having grids (and other views) in panes
  • Fixed:: Properties pane: Large reduction of GDI objects required for large IQBases
0.9.88b (2016-12-08)
  • New: Tabs can now contain panes, so they can be split into any number of views. To add a view to a tab, open the view and right-click on the its tab and select "Copy View". Then right-click on the tab and select "Paste View". The view will be shown in a docked pane. Reposition the pane if desired.
    • With this new feature, tabs can become customizable "desktops". For example, users can show both tasks and the Calendar in the same tab and drag-drop tasks straight to the Calendar (as either a scheduled or unscheduled event) Much improved task management !!
  • New: When dragging an item to the Calendar, option to show item or create an appointment sub-item
  • New: Notifications pane: When showing selected item (as opposed to Mouse-over), now shows more information about the item
  • New: Notifications pane now uses the same font settings as the Properties pane
  • Fixed: Grid: When dragging an item to the Calendar header or all day section, it now correctly creates an unscheduled event
  • Fixed: Grid: It was possible to move a column to the left of the # column
  • Fixed: Grid: Copy / Paste did not always work when multiple cells were selected
  • Fixed: Calendar: Smoother navigation when the day view is zoomed
  • Fixed: Map View: Colors were not being updated when changes were made in another form
  • Fixed: Map View: Color commands were not enabled (fore/back color)
  • Fixed: Tools > Options > Other: Hotkey change no longer require a program restart
  • Fixed: New Item dialog: WIKITag List not updating in "Add to Item IQ Base" Dialog Drop-down List
0.9.87d (2016-11-24)
  • New: Docked views now have a menu to reattach pane to the Tab workspace
  • New: Grid: Lineage shown on the status bar can now be one of: None, Parent -> Child, Child -> Parent, As-viewed, Inverse view. Double-click to switch
  • New: Lineage is now shown for all views except the Calendar (Map View, Timeline, Live-Search, etc), not just for grids
  • New: Grid: Folder Drag-drop: Can now create a Windows shortcut link to a folder (before only allowed for files)
  • New: Field Management: Can now double-click or Shift+F2 to show a larger window for the Pop-up list (fixed list pop-up)
  • Change: Grid: Edit > Paste: Better analysis of the data in the clipboard and choice presented to the user
  • Fixed: Grid: Hoisted grids did not open correctly (see 86b hoist "problems")
  • Fixed: Grid: Pasting an image file into the item column did not show it corectly
  • Fixed: Grid: Item selected color was not always correct (for grids other than the selected grid)
  • Fxed: Grid: Dragging a folder with the filename option creates an item with text = -
  • Fixed: Only 1 HTML pane was shown at startup, even if more than one was present when closing. See Layout Memory Issues re: HTML Pane
  • Fixed: Fields that use a pop-up editor are now in overstrike mode (typing will replace content)
  • Fixed: Tool > Options: Sometimes the Browse for Folder dialog does not show the New Folder button
  • Fixed: Sync: Hang when the "New version found" dialog was shown while showing a modal dialog
  • Fixed: Loading a pane layout did not save the content of the HTML pane
  • Fixed: When a layout file is loaded, closing the IQBase did not update the layout file
  • Fixed: Changes to the number of connected monitors was not detected and as a consequence pop-up windows were not shown at the correct position
  • New: When a cell shows an image, the pop-up editor (Shift + F2) can now be use to edit the image file name (before, any edit had to be made in the Properties pane)
  • Fixed: Images in cells showed the file name along side the image. Now only the image is shown
  • Fixed: Faster display of item lineage on the status bar (was slow large IQBases)
  • Fixed: Faster display of Favorites (was slow for large IQBases)
  • Fixed: Daily auto-recalc stopped running when IQ was the focused application
0.9.86b (2016-11-16)
  • New: Tab workspace: Selected tab bold is turned off when the focus is on a pane. It is clearer which form is selected
  • New: Ctrl + Tab now cycles through all views, not just those in the tab workspace
  • New: Ctrl + Tab: Non-loaded views are only loaded when the Ctrl key is released. Easier and faster navigation
  • New: Ctrl + Tab: Option to skip non-loaded views
  • New: Tools > Options: Option to show pane tabs at the top or bottom
  • New: Can use Alt-F6 to navigate between panes. Alt+F7 shows a dialog of opened tab and panes
  • Fixed: Numerous issues linked to the new docking views feature
  • Fixed: Grid: When grouping, item font and color properties were not applied
  • Fixed: Grid: Drag-drop a file could fail to create a Windows shortcut
  • Fixed: Some valid characters were causing issues when creating a new grid
  • Fixed: HTML pane: Pressing F12 did not always move focus to the pane
  • Fixed: HTML pane: Using F7 and F8 to navigate items removed focus from the pane
  • Fixed: Properties pane is shown after doing an Omnibox search
  • Fixed: Field Management dialog: Even though no change was made, fields with conditional formatting were being saved
  • Change: Panes: Keyboard shortcut to make a pane float is now Shift + F11
  • Fixed: Panes: Toggle floating mode was broken
  • Fixed: Pop-up editor: Bold, Italic, etc buttons did not work
  • Fixed: Notifications pane: Pane was updated for grids and Properties pane only. Not for other views
0.9.85 (2016-11-09)
  • New: Can now detach a tab to show it in a docking pane. Views can docked anywhere. Home Page can also be detached. In addition, it can be made floating
  • New: Grid: Can now show images in any text column. Can also paste an image from the clipboard to a grid cell directly
  • New: Grid: Can now copy / paste files from Windows Explorer to the grid. Supports multiple files. If copied to the tree column, a file link is also created and stored in file ref fields
  • New: Option to show workspace tabs at the bottom (Excel-like)
  • New: Properties pane: Improved keyboard handling: Can now use Alt + up / down and left / right to rearrange field hierarchy
  • New: Multi-Select popup list: Option to sync fields with the same name as list values. So adding / removing values will check / uncheck corresponding fields
  • New: Pane layout is now specific to each IQBase, stored in YourFile.ini. When using the IQBase on multiple PCs, each layout can be adapted to the screen size of the PC
  • New: Manage Forms: Improved keyboard handling (Ctrl + left / right to expand / collapse, Alt + up / down to move fields and forms, F2 to edit / close edit)
  • New: Live-Search: Ctrl + A selects all items. Search term highlight is shown when the focus is not on the text column
  • New: Grid: Item Info now shows all field values
  • New: Grid: Sort type button is now shown as checked when grid sorting is ON
  • New: Hyperlinks: If linking to a single item, can now specify the grid to show it in. ItemID | GridName (e.g. 1256 | Inbox)
  • Change: Properties pane: Form buttons are now: 1- Add item, 2- Add sub-item, 3- Apply form, 4- Clear form
  • Fixed: Grid: Grouping is not restored after a program restart
  • Fixed: Grid: Conditional Formatting converted criteria (defined in Field Properties) to lower case
  • Fixed: Grid: File drag-drop: If dropping a folder and the link text is empty, will use the folder name as link if FileName is checked or "(link)" if not
  • Fixed: Grid: Column grouping was disrupted when a column to the left of the group was removed
  • Fixed: Grid: Column grouping was disrupted when a field was drag-dropped from the Properties Pane to the grid and this field was already part of a group in this grid
  • Fixed: DateFilter: User specified duration was sometimes reset to 0. Also, making a change in the user duration did not update the filter immediately. A refresh was required
  • Fixed: Calendar: Edit > Erase Item (Ctrl + E) did not work. It now does the same thing as Calendar > Delete Event
  • Fixed: Calendar: Item > Remove from Calendar command was not visible
  • Fixed: Properties pane: Edit > Touch now works for fields in the Properties pane. Will touch values of all selected items
  • Fixed: HTML Pane: Improved Search and Replace. Can now show the Search and Replace toolbar and set it floating or docked. Replace now moves to the next occurrence and selects it.
  • Fixed: Field Properties: Newly created fields could not be drag-dropped onto a grid
  • Fixed: View > Hide Panes (F11) now correctly restores hidden panes
  • Fixed: Tab groups: When opening a existing grid that was in a very small group (width / height), it will be increased to see the grid. Before, the grid would be moved to a larger group. This modified grouping.
0.9.84 (2016-10-19)
  • New: Grid: Outline Styles are now applied to groups when Group By is ON. This makes the groups and grouping levels stand out.
  • New: Grid: If item is already expanded, Item > Expand now expands sub-items
  • New: PopUp editor now supports superscript and subscripts
  • New: Field properties: Can now specify the list of grids to apply the conditional formats (list of grid names, separated by | )
  • New: Properties pane: Ctrl + Shift + # to expand / collapse a branches
  • New: Properties pane: Context menu to show all parents
  • New: Add item dialog: Ctrl + space now removes formatting
  • New: Deleting an item now also deletes related files in the .Files folder
  • New: Live-search: clicking on the hyperlink to a grid now opens the grid and puts the focus on the correct item
  • New: New icons added
  • Change: Live-search: Search and Scratch grids are no longer shown in the "Shown in" column of the live-search (reason is that these grids change alot and this was not reliable)
  • Change: Web Clipper: Saving whole pages no longer saves scripts. This "should" help when saving complex pages and avoid annoying pop-ups when later-on viewing the content.
  • Fixed: Grid: When an Outline style was applied, pictures were not shown with the correct height
  • Fixed: Unlocking an item did not work. Items could be locked but not unlocked (Locked items can be modified but not deleted)
  • Fixed: Field properties: Field name edit box did not limit the number of characters. 50 is the maximum field name length
  • Fixed: Field properties: Date field types allowed pop-up lists
  • Fixed: Field properties: Number field types allowed multi-select pop-up lists
  • Fixed: Field properties: Yes / No field now show no editor types
  • Fixed: Live search did not auto-update when the item text (or other text field value) was changed elsewhere (i,e. in another grid, in the Properties pane, etc)
  • Fixed: Popup Editor: When using the Windows Classic theme, some buttons were not sized correctly
  • Fixed: Popop Editor: Last row of icons was not shown
  • Fixed: Popup Editor: Icons are now shown sorted by name. Tooltip shows icon name
  • Fixed: Options: Change to the setting Show Title bar when maximized was not applied immediately
  • Fixed: Tools > Options > This Database > Storage: Case sensitive comparison was used which could cause incorrect file paths
0.9.83 (2016-09-23)
  • New: Grid: Auto-updates to show new items (When Grid Properties > Other > Auto-Update is checked and grid has a simple source)
  • New: Pop-up lists supports icons. Uses the same syntax as items. Works for single and multi-select pop-up lists
  • New: Grid Filter dialog: Improved keyboard handling
  • New: Delete Custom Shortcuts now prompt for confirmation
  • Fixed: HTML Pane: New documents were by default underlined
  • Fixed: Add New Item dialog: EmailToIQ button silently failed if it failed to send email (say after a password change)
0.9.82 (2016-09-16)
  • New: Pop-up list: Auto-search now uses the field setting (Starts with / Contains). If the field setting is set to (default), uses the setting in Tools > Options > General > Modes > Auto-search
  • New: HTML Pane now has 2 zoom settings: Document zoom and View zoom.
    • The Document zoom is set using the Zoom In / Out / Reset commands. This zoom setting is saved in the document and is used in browse mode and in print preview. Each item can have a different document zoom setting.
    • The View zoom is set using Ctrl+mouse wheel or pinch in / out. This zoom has no impact on print preview and is not save in the document.
    • When switching to browse mode, the View zoom is now always reset to 100%. That way, one can quickly switch between an editing (at one zoom level) and browse mode (at a more print-preview-like zoom level)
      Any change to either zoom settings is shown on the status bar.
  • New: HTML Pane: Keyboard shortcuts to zoom in/ou/reset: Ctrl+ (=,-,0), which are now standards for browsers
  • Fixed: Search: Toggling wordwrap (Ctrl+Shift) did not refresh the grid's scroll bars
0.9.81 (2016-09-09)
  • New: Improved support for touch screens: Touch a blank area and drag to scroll up/down and left/right
  • New: Added Close All and Close Other Tabs commands
  • New: Grid and Properties pane: When showing a popup list, a filter bar is now shown below the list to filter it. Use Ctrl + G to show the filter list dialog (similar to the grid filter dialog) and select filtering options.
  • Change: Database Repair was renamed "Other Tools...". New tools to scramble personal information and show / hide IQ system tables and queries to other applications
  • Fixed: Grid: When the Item color is not set, the context menu showed it as black, instead of "(None)"
  • Fixed: Gantt: When a bar had a custom color, the context menu did not show it selected
  • Fixed: Calendar: Changing the Event color in Field properties required a Calendar refresh
  • Fixed: Properties pane: Edit > Undo / Redo was disabled when focus was in that pane
  • Fixed: Properties pane: Hyperlinks to grids only worked when the active view is a grid. For MapView and Calendar, these did not work
  • Fixed: Options: Changes to grid back colors (odd and even lines) required closing and re-opening grids
  • Fixed: The sample IQBase Wikitag field was not set to use the multi-select pop-up list
  • Fixed: Sometimes the layout was not restored when loading a file
  • Fixed: Tab group size could be reduced to 0, making it impossible to show it (could not grab to resize)
  • Fixed: Showing a view (grid, Calendar, etc) which is already shown but in a very small tab group moved the focus to that view as expected, but the user could not see it. Now, if the group width / height is too small, the view is moved to the largest group
  • Fixed: Tool > Database Management > Rebuild was broken
0.9.80 (2016-08-24)
  • New: Tools > Options > Program Title bar (1.1.6), added {CurrentView}
  • Fixed: Data: The performance improvements of v79 could cause some issues. Fixed
  • Fixed: Grid: Outline Styles were no longer working
  • Fixed: Grid: Selecting the DateFilter did not show the toobar
  • Fixed: Grid: Paste items with contain tab characters creates empty items
  • Fixed: Grid: The column filter dropdown type could change when toggling filter on / off
  • Fixed: Dropbox-like Sync: When 2 computers had different folder setups, sync did not work correctly. Now, a file named YourIQBase.ini is created which stores the sync settings (along with the backup and .Files folders)
  • Fixed: Properties pane: Impossible to open / close the Children section
  • Fixed: Properties pane: Opening / closing a section (such as Siblings) could trigger a hyperlink click which would change the selected items (in the current grid)
0.9.79 (2016-08-05)
  • New: Grid Groups: Grids can now be grouped. Groups are shown in Home pages and the Properties pane. Details here: 7. Grid Groups
  • New: Grids and Properties Pane: Can now use custom images for check boxes. Create a 16x16 icon named CheckOn.ico and CheckOff.ico. Stored in AppFiles folder. Requires a restart
  • New: Grid and Properties pane: Dropdowns now include an empty item. Selecting this will remove the value
  • New: MapView: Lots of improvements on this component:
    • Can now add items and sub-items. Insert to add a first level child, Enter to add sibling, Ctrl+Enter to add sub-item.
    • Now updates when in grids and other UI, items are added, deleted, parent changed, etc
    • Supports move up/down and left/right commands to move items in the hierarchy
    • Context menu to make items wider / narrower. Shortcut is Ctrl + up / down arrows
  • New: Properties Pane: When resizing pane, the left column width now stays constant
  • New: Fast Search: New method to list Orphans. In Tools > Options > 2.1.8, you can now set the list of fields to ignore (such as font attribute fields, HTML, etc)
  • New: Field Management: Button to undo changes and reload field properties
  • New: Options.ini: ExpandButtonType: Sets the type of expand button shown in grids. Valid values are -1, 1, 2, 3, 4. Values -1, 2 and 3 are +/- types. 1 uses arrows. 4 is custom, using the plus.ico and minus.ico files (AppFiles path)
  • Change: Fast Search now uses Shift + Ctrl to toggle wordwrap
  • Fixed: Grid: Subitem sort was scrambled by text formatting
  • Fixed: Grid: Numerous small issues related to grid column filters
  • Fixed: Grid: When grouping, sorting non-grouped columns did not work
  • Fixed: Cannot assign ALT+1 Shortcut to Any Grid
  • Change: Properties Pane: For check boxes, a single-click outside of the checkbox no longer changes the state. Use double-click instead
  • Fixed: Properties Pane. Clicking on the lower half of a checkbox did not change the state
  • Fixed: Pivot Table / Chart: Use items displayed: Uses all items, even if some are filtered out. Now uses items as seen in the grid
  • Fixed: Multi-select pop-up list were broken
  • Fixed: Gantt: Grid showing a Gantt chart was sometimes resized incorrectly. Improved resize code: If the Gantt is showing, resizing the form only resizes the Gantt (right), not the tree-grid (left)
  • Fixed: When the sort bar / group bar is shown, sorting by clicking on the column header and closing / re-opening the grid added the sorted column to the sort / group bar.
0.9.78 (2016-06-08)
  • New: Grid: Outline Styles. Can now define named outlining styles. Supports font (face, size, bold, etc), text foreground and background color.
    Any item can be used as an outline style,, simply check field OutlineStyles. Can turn On / Off and quickly switch between different styles. Option to override item formatting. Details here: 3. Outline Styles
  • New: Grid: Columns > Column Sets menu. Column sets come from forms and grids
  • New: Properties Pane: In the All fields section, a hyperlink is now shown if a field and grid share the same name. Click the link to open the grid.
    (In waiting for a proper tree view of grids, users can use this to have a hierarchy of clickable links to grids)
  • New: Properties Pane: Can now drag drop items from the Properties pane to grids and the Calendar (to create event). Items are shown in sections Parents, Siblings, Children and Marked items
  • New: Properties Pane: "Show in scratch grid" (menu or double-click) now shows the field values immediately to the right of the tree column
  • New: HTML Pane: When selected text is a valid URL, Insert > Hyperlink now creates the hyperlink without showing the UI
  • New: HTML Pane: Highlight text now toggles back color
  • New: Live-search: Show "orphan" items. This will return the list of items that have only 1 text value and no parents
  • New: New Item dialog: When selecting fields and Wikitags, double-click select / unselect item and close the dropdown selector
  • New: Field manager window is no longer modal. Makes adding fields easier
  • New: Field manager: Can now drag-drop a field to a grid
  • Fixed: Grid: Hyperlink command was enabled for non-text fields
  • Fixed: Gantt: For a milestone, setting a duration does not show a task bar
  • Fixed: Gantt: Changing a task duration using the grid did not work (it only worked by dragging the bar). Supports non-working days
  • Fixed: HTML Pane: Hyperlinks containing the @ symbol were confused with email address causing links to not work
  • Fixed: HTML Pane: Highlighting text disables HTML pane links
  • Fixed: Home Page: Links to grids with an ' in the name did not work
  • Fixed: Form Manager: list of fields dropdown was not sorted correctly
  • Fixed: Field names containing an apostrophe ( ' ) were sometimes an issue
  • Fixed: Hyperlink dialog: Press Esc enters Marked items in the link destination
0.9.77 (2016-05-20)
  • New: Grid: Print-to-Fit and Print Scaling
  • New: Grid > Save: If a column set is currently loaded, a dialog is shown offering to save the grid with this set of columns
  • New: Grid: Conditional formatting now supports Font setting
  • New: HTML Pane: SVG Documents. To do move serious drawings than Ink documents. Install Inkscape (or another SVG editor. See this list)
  • New: HTML Pane: Copy paste a file from Windows Explorer gives an option to either paste the file name or a hyperlink to the file
  • New: Home Page: Option to show / hide the Home Page when opening the file
  • New: Home Page: Option to set the maximum length of item text (default=30)
  • New: Live-search: When the output is a list of items, press Delete to remove results from the list. Supports multiple selections.
  • Change: Live-search: Selecting items no longer increases the row height to show more information. Hit Ctrl key to toggle between single line and multi-line displays.
  • Change: HTML Pane: File > Exit command is renamed to File > Close
  • Fixed: Grid: Load column set (from form or grid) now loads columns in the same order as the form (or grid). The tree column and columns left of it stay put
  • Fixed: Grid: Can now extend a select range by holding the shift key and clicking on another cell
  • Fixed: Grid: Fixed several column filter issues
  • Fixed: Grid: Conditional formatting changes required closing and re-opening the grid
  • Fixed: Grid: Entering numbers was difficult on some PC, with missing characters or appearing in incorrect order
  • Fixed: Grid: Improved Tab key handling
  • Fixed: Grid: WYSIWYG editor now supports the Tab key
  • Fixed: HTML Pane: Better support for multiple HTML panes. In particular, pressing F12 will now move the focus to the pane that shows the current item.
  • Fixed: HTML Pane: Shift + F12 now opens / closes the current HTML pane
  • Fixed: Add item dialog: Wiki drop down does not fill textbox correctly
  • Fixed: On opening a file, the Home Page was always shown, even when it was not the active window when the file was closed
  • Fixed: View > Home Page did not work If the Home Page was closed
  • Fixed: Changes to the default Home Page required an IQ restart. Now, simply press F5 to refresh
  • Fixed: In Options.ini, if the theme is set to an incorrect value, menus appear in black. Valid themes are: XP, Office2000, Office2002, Office2013 and Office2007, though only Office2007 is officially supported
0.9.76 (2016-05-06)
  • New: Home Pages: User-customizable workspace tab providing quick access to grids, items, etc. Use any item's HTML content as a Home Page.
    Add / Remove pages to the list. Navigate between pages easily. Supports list of tokens, such as [Favorites], [Grids], etc. Default shortcut is Alt + 1. Details here: 6. Home Pages
  • New: Grid: Column filter settings are now clearer. Filter fist level items only OR Filter items at any levels. Also, added a toggle switch to now sub-items of a filtered item or not
  • New: Gantt: Link selected items
  • New: Gantt: Unlink selected items
  • New: Gantt: Link Properties
  • New: HTML Pane. Sizing images using the corner handles now set image to original proportions (hold Ctrl key to disable)
  • New: Tab Workspace: When the Workspace contains more than one group, new windows now open in the group that is the largest (before, these would open in the first group)
  • Change: Gantt: It is no longer necessary to hold the Shift key to link two bars. Simply drag from the first bar down and drop on the second bar
  • Fixed: Grid: Many changes to items and field values can now be undone
  • Fixed: Grid: Making changes to grid properties using the Manage Grids dialog restored the column layout to the last saved state
  • Fixed: Grid: If the parent of a selected child item was closed, focus was moved to the parent but it was not selected. If the parent was then expanded, the child item was shown as selected even though the focus was still on the parent.
  • Fixed: Gantt: change to the link mode did not take effect until the grid is closed and re-opened.
  • Fixed: Gantt: Changing a start or end date of a task can change dependant tasks. When this was done using field values (as opposed to dragging bars), the Gantt bar updated to reflect this but the field-value was not updated so a refresh showed an inconsistent set of bars
  • Fixed: HTML Pane: Incorrect encoding when the content is an HTML file
  • Fixed: HTML Pane: Links to items and grids did not always work
  • Fixed: Universal Clipper: Recent Chrome security enhancements blocked the clipper. A different method now works
  • Fixed: Manage Grid: Columns > Auto-size width setting was not effective until the grid was closed and re-opened
0.9.75 (2016-04-24)
  • New: HTML Pane: Ink Documents ! Capture scribbles, screen captures and arrange them any way you want on the page.
    Combine with other HTML content into a single document using HTML Export. See demo here. View / edit on your Android phone / tablet. Details to come
  • New: Grid: WYSIWYG Editor: Alt + down arrow / up arrow now increases / decreases the edit window height
  • New: Grid: Shift+F2 on a date field opens the Event dialog. Can be used to create / edit events
  • New: Pop-up Editor: Formatting toolbar now updates to show the current text format
  • New: Properties Pane: As per grids, Ctrl +1 to Ctrl + 9 opens items to level 1 to 9
  • New: Item: Show in a New Scratch Grid command. Not visible by default. Customize your menus to show it. Assign it a keyboard shortcut if you wish.
  • Change: Keyboard shortcuts: Ctrl + W now closes current window (same as Ctrl + F4).
  • Change: Tools > Options: Clean up of the options, some re-ordering
  • Fixed: Grid: When editing the first column, pressing the left arrow can close the editor and change column. Same for the right arrow on the last column
  • Fixed: Grid: Remove a column part of a header group corrupted header column grouping
  • Fixed: Grid: Pressing a key to start edit and pressing backspace or paste did not record changes
  • Fixed: Grid: List of items popup did not always show the correct list
  • Fixed: Grid: New grid did not show context parents even though the setting was to show them
  • Fixed: Grid: GroupBy settings were sometimes erased when switching to other sort type
  • Fixed: Field: Column équations were rounding numbers and dates to 2 digits, causing errors, especially for dates
  • Fixed: Properties Pane: Edit (F2) did not behave the same as in a grid
  • Fixed: Properties pane: Improved visual feedback as to what is the focused column
  • Fixed: Item > Show in Home grid was not working
  • Fixed: Mapview: Show in Home grid and Show in Scratch grid was not working
  • Fixed: Pop-up Editor: Window was not always positioned correctly, causing the OK and Cancel button to not be visible
0.9.74 Beta (2016-04-14)
  • New: HTML Pane: Spell checker ! Uses the current language as seen on the Windows task bar (when IE10 and up is installed). Enable / disable in Tools > Options. Press Shift + F10 to bring up the correction context menu.
  • New: Grid: WYSIWYG editor: Spell checker !
  • New: Grid: Column filter: Hold shift to show all values, otherwise, only filtered values will be shown
  • New: Grid > Show Pictures is now a grid specific setting (before it was a system setting)
  • New: Grid: Warn user if the HomeGrid no longer exist and show item in the Scratch grid instead
  • New: Gantt: Moving / resizing bars show bar start / end on the status bar
  • New: Pop-up Editor: Handwriting recognition support using a pen. Button to enter the handwriting in a panel below the editor. Gesture support (add space, new line, backspace, etc). Long press and drag to select text
  • New: Pop-up Editor: Button to show the on-screen keyboard
  • New: Properties Pane: Supports equations. You can use this to modify many items.
    For example, set DueDate=[StartDate]+7, DueDate=[DueDate]+14 to move all dates by 14 days, Notes=[Project]+" -- "+[Item]
    Note that Forms > Apply form can also be used to perform the same kind of operations.
  • New: Field Properties: Equations tab now shows the list of dependant fields (fields that use this field in equations)
  • New: Tools > Options: HTML pane uses IE10 (default) or IE7 (fall back). By using IE10, you get a more compatible browser / editor
  • Change: Live Search: AND and OR operators must now be uppercase
  • Fixed: Grid: Entering single numbers in numeric field did not always save the value (when quickly changing cell focus)
  • Fixed: Grid: Drag drop an item to the Calendar created 2 appointment items, not one
  • Fixed: Grid: Insert Date now correctly works for date fields
  • Fixed: Grid: The number of items shown on the tab was negative when a column filter was applied
  • Fixed: Grid: Column Header Caption was broken. Editor opened but immediately closed.
  • Fixed: Grid: The # column can now be selected using left / right arrow keys
  • Fixed: Grid: Group By: Negative number were not grouped correctly
  • Fixed: Grid: WYSIWYG editor: Sometimes, the editor show a blank edit box instead of the cell content
  • Fixed: Grid: WYSIWYG editor: Shift + up / down Arrow closed the editor instead of selecting the text
  • Fixed: Grid: WYSIWYG editor: Ctrl + up / down Arrow closed the editor instead of moving the cursor.
  • Fixed: Grid: WYSIWYG editor: Paste Unicode text did not work correctly
  • Fixed: Calendar: New Event dialog showed incorrect event duration when the event was created in the Calendar
  • Fixed: Calendar: Creating a new Unscheduled event showed the New Event dialog but the event type was set to All Day Event, not Unscheduled
  • Fixed: Calendar: New event: 2 events are created, not one, if the field is set to be in the Calendar by default (Field Properties)
  • Fixed: Calendar: Edit > Edit did not open the Event dialog. Popup Editor did not work either. Can select many events to edit.
  • Fixed: HTML Pane: Switching to browse mode and back could erase the recent changes made
  • Fixed: Properties Pane: If multiple items are selected in the grid, double-click on a field in the Properties Pane only fills in the default value for the focused item, not all selected items
  • Fixed: Live-Search: Parenthesis inside quotes were not handled correctly
  • Fixed: Field Properties: Changes to equations are not always correctly updated
  • Fixed: HTMLExport: Use Settings: Close item and Close HTML did not work. Other improvements and bug fixes
  • Fixed:HTMLExport: Use Template: {PageBRK} tag did not work. Also, suppress last page break if at the end of the merged document
  • Fixed: HTMLExport: Copy to clipboard did not copy in HTML format
  • Fixed: New Grid dialog: Numerous small issues
  • Fixed: Panes title bar back color were not matched to the rest of the UI color scheme
0.9.73 Beta (2016-03-18)
  • New: Grid: Improved Group By support. Much faster and now multi-level and with Grouping buckets. Default grouping buckets are Dates: Year - Month, Numbers: 10's. Custom grouping buckets will be added in an upcoming release
  • New: Grid: Column menu now has a Group By Column command
  • New: Grid: Improved (simpler) UI for Grid sorting including option to sort just items (i.e. not sub-items)
  • New: Gantt: When using Group By, option to show a summary bar for the group. Allows easy way to move related bars
  • New: Gantt: Items overlay on Chart. If the left pane (i.e. the grid) width is set to near 0, the tree column is shown on the Gantt itself, as an overlay. Expand / collapse buttons are enabled. Property pane can be used to change item field-values.
  • New: Grid: Formatting toolbar now updates to show the current item format
  • New: Pop-up Editor: Formatting toolbar is now enabled to format text. Same for Hyperlink command
  • New: Pop-up Editor: Formatting toolbar now updates to show the current text format
  • New: Calendar: Moving the mouse over an event shown event details on the status bar
  • New: New Item dialog: Improved UI
  • New: File/URL drag-drop: Improved UI. Separate settings for files and URLs
  • Fixed: Grid: If the focus is not on the grid (i.e. could be the Source bar), Alt + Up/Down arrows moved the items up/down
  • Fixed: Grid: Through drag-drop, it was possible to put an item as a sub-item of itself
  • Fixed: Grid: Drag-drop an item from one grid to a different item was not possible if the second item was the currently selected item
  • Fixed: Gantt: If the Gantt pane is hidden and the grid is refreshed, the Overview and Histogram may incorrectly be shown
  • Fixed: New Item: wikitag dropdown does not work
  • Fixed: Calendar: If the time scale is not shown, dragging a scheduled event would make it unscheduled
  • Fixed: Calendar: Event tooltip showed time in 24h format
  • Fixed: Event dialog: Times are shown in 24h format, not in the format specified by the control panel
  • Fixed: Live Search: With the HTML pane shown, navigating in the search result grid with cursors keys was not possible because focus was given to the HTML pane
  • Fixed: Field Properties: Sometimes changes to conditional formats were not saved
  • Fixed: Properties Pane: Ctrl + Left/right arrows while editing incorrectly expanded/close the section instead of moving the cursor from word to word as it does in the grid
  • Fixed: Universal clipper using EmailToIQ did not properly encode characters (to UTF-8)
  • Fixed: HTML Export: Override item font is not saved.
  • Fixed: Status bar showed time in 24h format, not in the format specified by the control panel
0.9.72 Beta (2016-02-23)
  • New: Properties Pane: If the focus is on the Properties Pane, View > Zoom In / Out now changes its font size, not that of the grid
  • New: MapView: For each node, can now toggle the hoz/ver display of sub-nodes
  • New: MapView: Option to show straight or curved lines
  • Fixed: MapView: Moving an item from a parent to another did not always work
  • Fixed: MapView: Items expansion states was only partially restored
  • Fixed: MapView: Improved Zoom In/Out
  • Fixed: MapView: Fixed Print Preview related issues
  • Change: MapView: Number of parents is no longer shown
  • Fixed: Grid: Bold, Italic, etc and Item fore / back colors commands now work correctly with Unicode text
  • Fixed: Grid: Erase item dialog: Main text now filters out embedded html codes
  • Fixed: Calendar: When creating a multi-day event using the mouse, the New Event dialog box did not correctly fill the End Date
  • Fixed: Calendar: Dropping an item on the Calendar in month view (i.e. timescale off) now shows the New Event dialog (1 dialog for each item dropped)
  • Fixed: Calendar: Improved tooltips for multi-day all-day events
  • Fixed: HTML Pane: Sometimes images are not resolved correctly
0.9.71 Beta (2016-02-17)
  • New: Grid: Ctrl + Down Arrow moves to the next sibling. If last one and Shift is pressed, adds a new item. Similarly for Ctrl + Up Arrow
  • New: SQL Sync now supports multiple SQLSync files. If more than one is found in the IQBase folder, user is given the choice which one(s) to sync
  • Change: Grid: When a column filter is active, the dropdown now shows all items. This makes changing filter easier as it is no longer required to turn the column filter OFF to filter on different item(s)
  • Change: Grid: Improved Paste options dialog
  • Fixed: Grid: Adding a TLI in a hoisted view now adds it to the hoist item list. Before a grid refresh would not show added TLI's
  • Fixed: Grid: Paste multiple items did not set grid's auto-assign fields (see Data entry problem causes data to be "lost" (hidden and difficult to retrieve))
  • Fixed: Grid: Faster grid refresh
  • Fixed: Grid: When the workspace contains more than one group, grid content was sometimes not loading correctly. A refresh (F5) was required
  • Fixed: Grid: Grid search string was limited to 20 characters
  • Fixed: Grid: When in source bar, Edit > Undo undid last action in the grid instead of doing it to the text box. Same for Redo.
  • Fixed: Use decimal symbol from regional settings (see Inputting decimal numbers on a French language system)
  • Fixed: Gantt: Sometimes bars were not drawn, a refresh was required. One such case was when using the Date Filter toolbar
  • Fixed: Drag drop an item to the Calendar now shows the event dialog if no time scale is shown (i.e. such as month view)
  • Fixed: Calendar: Refresh command now shown on the tab context menu
  • Fixed: HTML Pane: In browse mode, clicking on a web link opens the page twice
  • Fixed: HTML Pane: Menu > File > Save as default did not work in code view
  • Fixed: When switching grid, the tab workspace sometimes incorrectly triggers a drag-drop (see Tabs Position Bug w. Saved Layout)
0.9.70 Beta (2016-02-09)
  • New: Gantt: Now able to navigate to the next / previous task start date using right / left cursor keys. Hold Shift to navigate by task end date instead. Shown on the status bar is the task date and the delta (in days) from the previously selected task. Compatible with columns filters, so on a large project for example, one can filter and navigate one's own tasks only.
  • New: Gantt automatically scrolls horizontally to show the focused item Gantt bar
  • New: Grid: Hoist displays dialog to choose action
  • New: Grid: Hoist Up selects parent items
  • New: Grid: When exporting to Excel, warn user if the grid is not visible to other applications, and offer to make it visible
  • New: Properties Pane: In the Parents section, context menus operate on all selected items in the grid, not just the item having focus.
  • New: Properties Pane: Parents section now has a context menu to delete all parents
  • New: Hyperlinks can link to the Calendar. Enter Calendar as the link
  • New: Hyperlinks can link to specific views of a grid. Enter the grid name followed by | and the desired view. Use one of PT, PC, MV, TL (Pivot Table, Pivot Chart, Map View, TimeLine)
  • New: Program version numbering is now 0.9.XX where XX is currently 70
  • Change: Grid: Adding marked items now puts these at the beginning of list and selects them. Before they were added at the end, possible out of view
  • Fixed: Grid: Moving more than one item left in the hierarchy did not always position them at the correct order in the list
  • Fixed: Grid: If the hyperlink is a direct link to a shortcut file (i.e. not using URL or FileName/FilePath fields) the link failed to resolve the acual target file
  • Fixed: Grid: Hoist Expand states not saved [see Hoist doesn't keep expand/collapse state after refresh (v69))
  • Fixed: Grid: If 2 hyperlinks on the same item, status bar does not update
  • Fixed: Grid Properties: Gantt section fields were not initially shown
  • Fixed: Gantt: Setting a bar color to (none) did not update the display. A refresh was required
  • Fixed: HTML Pane: Changes to the default HTML document were being overwritten at startup
  • Change: HTML Pane: System supplied default HTML file uses larger font, supports Unicode and more compact bulleted lists
    To use this new file, with IQ closed, either delete your user HTMLNew.HTM file or copy the system one to your user folder
0.9.26PreRel69 (2016-02-03)
  • New: Grid: When creating an .odc, warn user if the grid is not visible to other applications, and offer to make it visible
  • New: Grid: Improved Hoist (item expand states matches pre-hoist display)
  • Fixed: Grid: Refresh did not apply Ctrl+G type filtering
  • Fixed: Grid: Split an item could create 2 new identical items instead of one
  • Fixed: Grid: Grid could lock up under certain conditions
  • Fixed: Universal clipper had (again) an issue with importing latin character content
0.9.26PreRel68 (2016-02-02)
  • New: Better Unicode support
  • New: Universal clipper correctly handles non-latin characters (arabic, russian, greek, asian)
  • New: HTML Pane: Paste command: Previous paste format preference is saved. If the format is not in the clipboard, the Paste Special dialog is shown to select a format.
  • New: HTML Pane: File > Fix UTF-8 Encoding menu command. Use this if the content has been scrambled with v66 or v67
  • New: HTML Pane: When copying text, if it contains UTF-8 codes (from v66 or v67 encoding errors), a clipbord format is added: UTF-8 Decoded. Users can copy sections with UTF-8 codes and paste using this format to fix the encoding errors.
  • Change: HTML Pane: Paste special is no longer a sub-menu of Paste
  • Fixed: Grid: Smoother scroll when using a touchpad
  • Fixed: HTML Pane: Latin characters are not handled correctly
  • Fixed: New Item dialog minor bug fixes. Improved keyboard support (when using the tab key)
0.9.26PreRel67 (2016-01-21)
  • Fixed: Improved support for Unicode characters, including asian
    • Grid font must either blank or set to an Unicode enabled font, such as @Arial Unicode MS (Manage Grid > Options > Default Font)
    • The default grid font must also be set to @Arial Unicode MS since it is used by such things as the docking pane caption font
    • The HTML pane content must have the proper META tag in the HEAD section. This one works:
      <META content="text/html; charset=UTF-8" http-equiv=content-type>
    • The NewHTML.HTM file should also have this META tag. I've updated the one supplied with IQ. You should copy this to your user folder and re-start IQ
    • To test, on a new item, in the HTML pane, turn on Code view and see it the tag is there
    • Known issue: Bold, Italic, Color, etc commands will corrupt your text. You can still enter formatting codes by hand. There may be others, keep an eye open and report back
0.9.26PreRel66 (2016-01-19)
  • New: Grid: Mouse move over a link (.lnk) shows the link target. It will also update the link if the file was moved since the last time it was opened.
    If the link cannot be resolved (file deleted for example, or moved to a non NTFS drive), a "not found" is appended to the status bar message
  • Fixed: hyperlink to grids, files and Outlook items did not work correctly (see Hyperlinks problems with v65)
  • Fixed: Grid: Hyperlink target was sometimes not shown on the status bar
  • Fixed: Pop-up editor did not open with the cursor at the same position as the cell editor
0.9.26PreRel65 (2016-01-15)
  • New: Type equations in numeric cells (i.e. =23*12+34), supports +, -, *, /, (, ).
    If a value is already in the cell, you can simply press +23 to add 23 to it.
    Precede with = and enter functions, such as sqr or even len([SomeField])
  • Fixed: Grids now scroll up way past the last item.
    Works with the mouse wheel, down arrow, PgDown and the scroll bar down button. This has been an issue for a long, long time !
  • Fixed: Grid: Ungroup a column header sometimes did not properly show back the grouped columns.
  • Fixed: Grid: Clicking on the Gantt part of the grid highlights the current grid row
  • Fixed: Calendar: Today's highlight in the main calendar was not updated on change of day
  • Fixed: Properties Pane: Faster updates
  • Fixed: HTML Pane: Pressing F12 opens a new HTML form even if there is one already opened if this one is collapsed
  • Fixed: Item home grid now updates when a grid is renamed / deleted
  • Fixed: Hyperlink to another item silently fails if the item home grid points to a non-existing grid
  • Fixed: Ecco Pro Import. Item hierarchy was not restored correctly (Main parent was not set)
 0.9.26PreRel64 (2016-01-05)
  • New: Grid: Display mode clean-up. Now 3 display modes. For each mode, you can toggle the display of context parents or not :
    • Outline (Normal): Similar to what was called Full Hierarchy
    • Source items (Flat): Similar to what was called Hierarchy Off
    • Source items (Tree): Similar to what was called Hierarchy On
  • Fixed: Grid: Add to Calendar was not working. See Right Click on Item > Show in Calendar)
  • Fixed: Grid: When Full Hierarchy was ON, some items were incorrectly shown in blue (context parent) and some sub-items were not shown
  • Fixed: Grid: When Hierarchy was off, showing Context Parents changed the order of items and caused incorrect re-arrangment of items
  • Fixed: Grid: In full hierarchy, sub-items may be shown as TLI if they have 2 or more levels of context parent
  • Fixed: Grid Properties: Data > Auto-assign field list does not always show the source field (when field name contains a space)
  • Fixed: HTML pane: Images are not always showing
  • Fixed: HTML pane: Opening files does not work when the file is not on the same drive as the IQBase
  • Fixed: FireFox clipper add-on now signed and compatible with FF v44. Available here:
0.9.26PreRel63 (2015-12-22)
  • New: Fields: Multi-select pop-up lists. Implemented for List of items and Auto-list type popups. Supports the following tagging systems:
    • Enclosed (i.e. { }, [ ], - -, | |)
    • Hashtag (i.e. Twitter-like #IQ #Cool #SuperPIM #EccoPro)
    • Delimited (i.e. CamelCase, comma separated, , | )
  • New: Multi-select popup editor: Press Enter toggles the check state
  • New: HTML Pane: Paste Special... menu. Lists all formats in the clipboard
  • New: HTML Pane: Improved clipboard handling. Paste now handles Excel, CSV, HTML and RTF formats
  • New: Grid: Added "Keep source field values when demoting TLI". See top level item loosing field assignment when moved
  • New: View > HTML Editor: Command is now a split button with 2 new commands: New HTML Editor and Close All HTML Editors
  • New: Notifications pane: Option to show information for both focus cell and mouse-over cell
  • Fixed: Grid: Several issues relating to the new column grouping feature
  • Fixed: Properties pane: Rearrange hierarchy of fields using drag-drop
  • Fixed: Properties pane: Tooltips were not working when the Notifications pane was closed
  • Fixed: Manage Grids: Newly created grids are sometimes shown more than once. See Grid Management Problems: Duplicates & Disappearances
  • Fixed: HTML Pane: Numerous issues fixed
  • Fixed: HTML pane: HTML pane content was sometimes not saved when closing a file
  • Fixed: HTML Pane: View > Zoom (In, Out, Reset) when editing is now re-enabled. It was found to be buggy on some IE versions, but perhaps this is no longer an issue
  • Fixed: Universal clipper was not clipping anything
  • Fixed: Export: Embedded fore and back colors were not exported. See Bgcolor/highlighting still missing from HTML export
0.9.26PreRel62 (2015-11-28)
  • New: Event dialog: Unscheduled event type. Events can now be one of 3 types: Scheduled, Unscheduled or All-day
  • New: Grid: Header > Group Columns: Group / ungroup columns. When grouped, a + expand button is shown. Click to expand / collapse group
  • New: Grid filter dialog now has an option to filter on all columns or selected columns
  • New: Calendar: Added option: "Switch to Month view when the number of selected days exceeds n days"
  • New: Calendar: Added option: "Day time-scale increments (minutes):
  • New: Calendar: In Horizontal scroll mode, the vertical zoom and offset is now kept when navigating in the Calendar
  • New: Calendar: In Horizontal scroll mode, Ctrl + mouse wheel zooms in and out, Shift + mouse wheel scrolls
  • New: Calendar: Touch friendly. Navigation works well with touch screens PCs and tablets
  • New: Clipper: Clean up clipped item text. Settings in Tools > Options > Program Settings > Other
  • New: View > On-screen keyboard command, to enable typing on tablets
  • Fixed: Undo could incorrectly undo all recent changes instead of just the last one
  • Fixed: Grid: Add marked item as sub showed the items twice
  • Fixed: Grid: WYSIWYG editor paste command did not work
  • Fixed: Grid: When the user selects to drop without showing the dialog, the Create shortcut checkbox is not taken into account
  • Fixed: Show in Calendar uses appointment field, not the Calendar default field
  • Fixed: Calendar: Unchecking Repeat in the Event dialog did not remove the recurring events. A refresh (F5) was required
  • Fixed: Properties Pane: Expand / collapse states of the various sections are now restored
  • Fixed: New item dialog: current grid is disabled when it should not
  • Fixed: Grid Management: New grids created in this dialog were not setup correctly (see New grids created with the "manage grid" dialog creates malfunctioning grids)
  • Fixed: Universal Clipper: Clipping info was no longer being added to the clip, even if "Add Clipping info" is checked
  • Fixed: Universal Clipper: Sometimes the URL was not correctly retrieved
0.9.26PreRel61 (2015-11-12)
  • New: Fields: Date fields now have "Event Color" and "in Calendar by default" properties. If checked, new date field-values will automatically create an event and display it in the Calendar. Event frame color will be the specified color
  • New: Date Editor: New "Shown in Calendar" check box to easily show / hide dates in the Calendar
  • New: Panes that share a common docking position now have a Maximize button
  • Fixed: Grid: Renumber items can now be undone
  • Fixed: Grid: Show in Calendar only worked for the first date column in the selection. i.e. If you select both StartDate and EndDate columns, it should show both dates in the Calendar. Same for Remove from Calendar
  • Fixed: Grid: Switching from the regular cell editor to the pop-up editor keeps the cursor position
  • Fixed: Calendar: F4 moves focus to the Properties pane but pressing F4 again did not move it back to the Calendar. Same for F12 and the HTML pane
  • Fixed: Calendar: Pressing the Today button on the Date filter toolbar now correctly centers the Calendar on today
  • Fixed: Tools > Compact: Was sometimes failing to compact saying that another copy was opened when this was not really the case
0.9.26PreRel60a (2015-11-05)
  • New: Calendar: 2 and 3 days view
  • New: Calendar: Option to auto-hide the mini-calendar
  • New: Calendar: Can now move the time scale and/or mini-calendar to the right side of the Calendar. Hold Alt and drag-drop the time scale or mini-calendar
  • New: Calendar: Event back color matches item back color. Event text color matches item text color
  • New: Calendar: The current day is now highlighted in red
  • New: Calendar: Zoom in/out is now increases / decreases the Calendar font size
  • New: Calendar: New context menu to create an all-day event
  • New: Calendar: Better support for cursor keys (up/down, left/right). If no event selected, scrolls by day / week / month. If an event is selected, move to the next / previous event
  • New: Grid: Option to not show transparent selection
  • New: Properties Pane now shows the current item text on the pane caption
  • New: Work Offline mode. All Internet related features are disabled in this mode
  • New: Tool > Options: Option to not restore layout when opening files
  • New: Renumber items dialog: Supports ? wildcards. So for example, ABC?? will give ABC01 ABC02 ABC03, ...
  • Fixed: Grid: Drag drop an item to the Calendar created an event but the item in the grid was not refreshed to show the created event (normally shown as a sub-item)
  • Fixed: Grid: Grids did not update when sub-items were added
  • Fixed: Grid: Paste from Excel no longer worked correctly (pasted an image instead of the cell content)
  • Fixed: Calendar: Toggling time scales did not work correctly if the Windows time setting included AM/PM
  • Fixed: Calendar: Workweek button showed the first 5 days of the week, not the worked week
  • Fixed: Calendar: In Workweek view, changing month / year using the date filter toolbar now move correctly (4 weeks / 52 weeks)
  • Fixed: Calendar: Faster repeat rate when using the DateFilter toolbar up/down day buttons
  • Fixed: Calendar: Improved event tooltip
  • Fixed: Calendar: Edit > Undo / Redo is now enabled
  • Fixed: Properties Pane: Undo / Redo keyboard shortcuts now work correctly
  • Fixed: DateTime editor: Show in Calendar no longer worked
  • Fixed: DateFilter Day dropdown did not show at the correct position on a second monitor
  • Fixed: Issues related to regional settings (date / time / number formats)
  • Fixed: On opening a file, the Restore Layout dialog was not responding to key stokes
0.9.26PreRel59 (2015-10-16)
  • New: WikiTag field now has a multi-select editor. Similar to the one in the New Item dialog. To enable it, simply set its editor to Auto-list of values (in Field Properties > Editor). This will eventually be implemented for other text fields too.
  • New: Grid: Grid Filter (Ctrl+G): New Filter dialog. Adds supports for keywords (All or Any) and wildcards 
  • New: If the number of named colors is greater than 15, the menu is shown as a collection of colored squares (more compact display). If the number of named colors exceeds 30, the display of system proposed colors is suppressed.
  • Change: Grid: Auto-search no longer turns itself off automatically. To turn off, do one of (1) toggle the Auto-search command (Ctrl + F3), (2) press Escape, (3) start editing, or (4) close the grid
  • Fixed: Grid: Auto-search did not show the search text
  • Fixed: Deleting a field did not update grids, forms and properties pane
  • Fixed: Grid: Print Preview > Email merge was no longer working correctly
  • Fixed: Grid: Add / Remove Columns dialog did not show at the correct position on a second monitor
  • Fixed: Grid: Add / Remove Columns dialog: Improved keyboard support (Enter closes, Escape cancels, Space bar toggles display of the column)
  • Fixed: Grid: Copying a cell and pasting in edit mode added extra TAB characters. Fixed. (see Grid has started inserting a tab space when I paste text)
  • Fixed: Grid: Copy / Paste did not preserve rich text (see Copy paste problem for Simple cell content)
  • Fixed: Properties pane: Pane no longer flickers during updates (see Annoyance with the Properties Pane)
  • Fixed: Properties pane: Caption for the item font was incorrect (see Font field bug in properties pane)
  • Fixed: New item dialog: The "Email item to IQ" button is now only enabled if the EmailToIQ feature is properly configured and enabled
  • Fixed: New item dialog: Add Item using EmailToIQ was not compatible with GMail
  • Fixed: New Item dialog: Wikitag dropdown list and field list does not show at the correct position on a second monitor
  • Fixed: New Item dialog: Wikitag dropdown list is now sorted and shows new tags (i.e. tags entered in the Wikitags text box but not yet used anywhere). Can also add new tags (Ctrl+N)
  • Fixed: HTML Pane: Browse mode is no longer turned off when moving focus to another item
  • Fixed: HTML Pane: In Browse mode, some formatting commands were incorrectly enabled
0.9.26PreRel58 (2015-10-02)
  • Fixed: Using the new caption editor (introduced in v0.9.26PreRel57) could erase some field properties. 
  • New: Tooltips in grids and Properties pane only show when pressing Ctrl only
  • Fixed: If more than 1 item is selected, Item info showed nothing
  • Fixed: Grid: Pop-up list of type fixed list did not save changes correctly if done exclusively with the mouse
0.9.26PreRel57 (2015-09-29)
  • New: Grid: Load column sets: Allow a dynamic grid display with easily interchangeable sets of columns. Grid native columns are still available (for sorting and conditional formatting purposes), but made invisible, except for locked and tree columns (which remain visible, no matter what). Column sets can come from forms or grids (see below for information on the new feature of showing grids in the Properties pane). To load a column set, right-click on the form or grid in the Properties pane. Multiple uses, but in particular, when viewing items in the search or scratch grid, users can now load column sets to view relevant information
  • New: Grid column sets can be shown in the Properties pane. Setting in Grid Management. Off by default.
  • New: Grid: Can now hide / unhide columns. Hidden columns can still be used to sort. Added Hide Column command and Hidden Columns (list of) menu command. Hidden columns feature is compatible with the Column > Show Columns menu.
  • New: Grid: Column Header menu: Move Up / Down. Can select one or more columns.
  • New: Grid: Column Header menu: Set caption (without going through the Field properties dialog). You can now set the header caption and icons using a WYSIWYG editor.
  • New: Grid: Column menu: Move Left / Right. Can select one or more columns.
  • New: Grid: Hoist Marked Items
  • New: Properties pane: Set caption (without going through the Field properties dialog). You can now set the field caption and icons using a WYSIWYG editor.
  • Change: Grid: Hide Column is now named Remove Column
  • Fixed: Properties Pane: Changing a field property did not update the pane. Users had to close the pane and re-open. This is no longer necessary
  • Fixed: Grid: When Column > Show Columns is unchecked, it was still possible to execute some column related commands (i.e. hide column add / remove columns, etc) These are now disabled.
  • Fixed: Manage Grids dialog: Focus is not set to the current grid
  • Fixed: Grid: Pasting was disabled for fields with editor of type List of item popup
0.9.26PreRel56 (2015-09-18)
  • New: Item > Split Item dialog. Can select more than one item at a time. Can use <cr> and <tab>  codes
  • New: Item > Join Items dialog supports multiple delimiters between items. Can use <cr> and <tab> codes
  • New: Grid list menu tooltips show how long ago the grid was last opened
  • Fixed: XML paste: support multiple parents (see [FIXED] Paste problem)
  • Fixed: Properties pane: Updating the pane no longer causes scroll position issues (see Properties pane)
  • Fixed: HTML Pane: Item HTML which were links to web content did not show in the HTML pane
  • Fixed: EmailToIQ is now compatible with GMail 2-step verification. Goto to generate an application specific password (16 character string)
  • Fixed: Date popup first day of week now follows setting in the Calendar
  • Fixed: Faster File > Close 
0.9.26PreRel55 (2015-09-04)
  • New: Grid: Can now add items when column filters are active. Column filters are now so much more functional !
  • New: Grid Properties: Numerous UI improvements including a new column to show / hide the grid in the grid lists (menu, toolbar). Context menus and column filtering were also enhanced (see "Show Grid in Toolbar" checkbox)
  • New: EmailToIQ: Checking now occurs asynchronously. Before, on slow Internet connections, the UI would lock up during new email check. On fast Internet connections, it was causing a 2-5 seconds lockup of the UI.
  • New: EmailToIQ: Set the delay to 0 enables Manual Mode. Use Tools > Check EmailToIQ Now or double-click the icon on the status bar to execute.
  • New: Popup editor: Added Split Item. Use the Split Item shortcut key to activate (default is Ctrl + Shift + S)
  • Changed: "Tagged items" is now named "Marked items".
  • Change: Grid: Auto-Search is now a command, not a grid state. It auto-disables itself after 5 seconds of keyboard inactivity or by pressing ESC or the keyboard shortcut (default is CTRL + F3)
  • Fixed: Grid: Drag-drop does not remove old parent link (see: [FIXED] When items are just moved under another parent, previous parents' link are kept (prerel54))
  • Fixed: Grid: While editing, pressing the right arrow while on the last character closed the editor and moved to the next cell. Same for the left arrow when on the first character. Now, while editing, the left / right arrows only move the cursor inside the editing region. Press F2 to save or ESC to cancel edits. Up and Down arrows can still be used to exit the editor.
  • Fixed: Grid: Drag-drop a field from the Properties Pane to a grid did not add it as a column
  • Fixed: Gantt: Print Preview of the full gantt does not show gantt part, just grid.
  • Fixed: Gantt: Pressing Cancel in the Print Preview dialog would hide the IQ window (users would then need to terminate the task and restart)
  • Fixed: Grid Properties: Changing the View > Tree column shows outline labels setting required a grid close and re-open to be applied. No longer does. You can also use the Grid > Labels on the Tree column command to do the same thing
  • Fixed: HTML pane: Edit with MS Word command was incorrectly disabled for MHT documents (see [FIXED] In HTML pane why does Word icon disappear after I use it??)
  • Fixed: Sync: Sync copy was not updated when closing the IQBase (this could cause loss of recent changes)
0.9.26PreRel54 (2015-08-13)
  • New: Form Properties: Better support for drag-drop. Drag a field from a form to another. Hold Ctrl to copy
  • New: Popup Editor: Can move the editor. Click anywhere in a blank spot and move
  • New: Popup Editor: Can hit Ctrl+F (or your custom Omnibox shortcut key) to open the Find and Replace dialog
  • New: WYSIWYG editor: Edit > Redo is now working
  • New: Show the item count in the tab tooltip even if it is not shown on the tab caption
  • New: Grid: Ctrl + Wheel does zoom in / out. Shift + Wheel scrolls left / right
  • New: Timeline: Now responds to mouse wheel events
  • Change: Check EmailtoIQ is now shown only if properly configured, moved to Tools menu
  • Change: Gantt: Mouse wheel behavior as per Google Chrome:
    • Ctrl + Wheel up: zoom in
    • Ctrl + Wheel down: zoom out
    • Shift + Wheel up: Scroll left
    • Shift + Wheel down: Scroll right
  • Fixed: Omnibox: Pressing the down arrow could update the list of results. See Omnibox : in certain cases (most?), can't use arrows to make any selection
  • Fixed: Menu bar was not updated when switching to the search tab
  • Fixed: Deleting a view only closed open grids. Other view types (Mapview, Pivot, Chart, Timeline) did not close
  • Fixed: Renaming a view was only reflected in grids. Other view types were not updated
  • Fixed: Hyperlink dialog: Hyperlink text textbox was disabled for existing hyperlink which prevented copy. It is now enabled (but locked). Users can copy and paste text into the URL box if desired
  • Fixed: Grid: Drag-drop an item to be a sub-item of a context parent did not auto-assign source fields
  • Fixed: Grid: Drag-drop an item to a different pane did not work for TLI when the destination grid had a complex source
  • Fixed: Grid: Missing characters when starting editing (see iq eating my keystrokes?)
  • Fixed: Grid: Formatting was not removed when pasted to text editors
  • Fixed: Grid: When the source bar is shown, switching to another app and back moves the focus to the Source text box (See problem on switching between Infoqube and other programs when Source Bar is displayed)
  • Fixed: Grid: Redo while editing could change the wrong cell (see Ctrl+Y while in edit mode : redoes/undoes changes in another cell... )
  • Fixed: WYSIWYG grid editor: Hyperlink syntax was sometimes incorrect
  • Fixed: Timeline: Properties pane was not showing the currently selected item
  • Fixed: Gantt: Undo after a Gantt PCM schedule was not working correctly
  • Fixed: Gantt: Undo could sometimes incorrectly erase task dates
  • Fixed: HTML Export: Accented characters did not paste correctly into MS Word (see problem copying text to MS Word 2010)
  • Fixed: Copy accented characters from a grid did not paste correctly into MS Word
  • Fixed: Renumber items menu command was not visible in the menus, only available through the omnibox
  • Fixed: Properties Pane: Double-click on an blank auto-number field would increment it by 2 instead of 1
  • Fixed: PopupEditor: Shift-Ctrl+S activated an edit box at the bottom of the editor. This is now disabled
  • Fixed: PopupEditor: Did not show at the correct position when on a second monitor
  • Change: Next Task Actions: To reference fields in the dependant item, enclose field names with { }. Fields enclosed with [ ] reference the item being marked done
  • Fixed: Next Task Actions: Enclosing the left operand with [ ] caused the actions to not work correctly
  • Fixed: SQLSynch: Error message if the synch ID field is not found in the IQBase
  • Fixed: SQLSynch: Multiple tabs separating the fields in the FieldMap section are now allowed
0.9.26PreRel53 (2015-06-12)
  • New: Gantt menu
  • New: Gantt: Added Show critical path and Recalculate critical path commands
  • New: Gantt: Added "Can move a task that has started". If unchecked, a task that has started (i.e. %Complete > 0) can no longer be moved. Users can still manually change the start and end dates.
  • New: Gantt: Added a "Show Today" command. It centers the Gantt chart on today's date
  • New: Gantt: Double-click on the Gantt area where there is no bar moves the chart to the first bar date (or to today if the chart does not yet have a date)
  • New: Gantt: Link properties dialog. Users can now set the link type and task lag
  • New: Gantt: Link bars command button. Select 2 bars and click to define the link between the two. Alternatively, Shift and click on the first bar and drag to the second bar.
  • New: Timeline: Add option to show or not bar captions
  • Fixed: Grid: Sort sub-items was broken
  • Fixed: Grid: Source bar: Sort by any text field did not work unless the field was enclosed with [ ]
  • Fixed: Grid: WYSIWYG Editor Entering an email address generated an incorrect hyperlink
  • Fixed: Gantt: Adding a link from bar1 to bar2 deleted previous links going out of bar1
  • Fixed: Gantt: On high-DPI displays, the bar height was too small
  • Fixed: Gantt: Numerous initial setup issues
  • Fixed: HTML Pane: Multiple HTML pane setup was not always synchronizing panes correctly
  • Change: Gantt: UI improvements
  • Change: Gantt: Zoom-on-the-fly is now triggered when pressing both Shift and Ctrl
0.9.26PreRel52 (2015-05-26)
  • New: Field: Easy pop-up list: Select the field containing the list of items and optionally the field to filter the list. That's it !You now have 4 types of pop-ups: Fixed list, items, Auto-list, SQL queries (advanced). Field properties UI change to select pop-up list type.
  • New: Omnibox can search for Favorite items
  • New: Updated User Manual (Thanks Jibz !). Download it here.
  • New: Popup message if updating a column in a grid fails. Such an error can cause the grid to be unreadable from programs such as Excel or cause field popups list based on this grid to fail.
  • New: Grid Properties: Maximum item height (in pixels, 0=none)
  • New: Grid Add / Remove columns: Can now set the column width directly here. Provides an easy way to see which columns have been minimized.
  • Fixed: Grid Add / Remove columns: Caption column did not show icons
  • Fixed: For some equations, fields were not properly [ ] enclosed in v0.9.26PreRel51
  • Fixed: Many pop-up menus did not respond when using their shortcut keys (Recent grids and Favorites are 2 examples)
  • Fixed: Omnibox: Ctrl+A did not select the Omnibox content. Instead it selected all items in the grid
  • Fixed: Closing the Field Properties was sometimes very slow, especially if the IQBase had lots of fields and equations.
  • Fixed: Field Properties: Improved the column filters
  • Fixed: When switching between multi monitors and single monitor setups, the IQ main window could open in an invisible part of the screen.
  • Change: HTML tags embedded in cell text are now lower case
0.9.26PreRel51 (2015-05-12)
  • New: Option to hide the program Title bar when the main window is maximized
  • New: Calendar: Vertical scroll mode: Days are shown in an endless vertical list. Use the mouse wheel to scroll up and down
  • New: Calendar: In horizontal scroll mode, the day header is always visible, even when zooming
  • New: Grid: Hoist up one level. Shows all parents of the selected items (great tool when items have multiple parents)
  • New: Drag-drop of hyperlinks from Tab Outliner for Chrome to a grid or to the HTML pane (details here)
  • New: More robust field parsing (through the requirement of enclosing field references with [ ... ]
  • Changed: When referencing fields in equations, enclose the name with [ ... ]. The first time a file is opened, equations will be processed to add [ ... ] around recognized field names if required. Please go through your field equations to ensure that this was done correctly.
  • Fixed: Grid: Improved handling of the Tab key (see shift + tab to move focus to previous column : broken)
  • Fixed: Pressing Esc while in the Omnibox could change the order of a sub-item (move down one item)
0.9.26PreRel50 (2015-04-21)
0.9.26PreRel49 (2015-04-08)
  • New: Only visible views are now loaded when opening a file. Others are shown as tabs with an * appended to the name to indicate it needs loading. Dramatically speeds up loading when many views are opened (tabbed workspace only).
  • New: Sync: Sync delay is now a separate setting, independent of the auto-backup delay. Default is to sync every 1 minute
  • New: Sync: Show last edit date, user name and computer name
  • New: * after the file name if there are changes waiting to be saved to the sync file
  • New: Tools > Options: Auto-Search to allow faster navigation
  • New: Can use the Gantt Overview to scroll up / down the Gantt
  • Fixed: Which tab has the focus was not saved / restored.
  • Fixed: Copying a hierarchy of items did not copy the item font attributes (bold, italic, underline, strikethrough)
  • Fixed: Favorites menu: Embedded HTML tags were shown
  • Fixed: Lineage on the status bar: Embedded HTML tags were shown
  • Fixed: HTML Pane caption: Embedded HTML tags were shown
  • Fixed: Favorites menu: Now shows ellipsis (...) when the item text is too long to display
  • Fixed: Showing items in the Search grid could fail because a column filter was active.
  • Fixed: Grid: Creating a hyperlink could erase the selected text
  • Fixed: Properties Pane: Show items (new Scratch grid) menu item was shown when it should not. It should only show up when right-click on a field
  • Fixed: Popup editor shows some accented characters as HTML codes (see HTML unicode references appear in cell after editing with popup editor [details below])
0.9.26PreRel48 (2015-04-02)
  • New :Popup editor for Mapview (and properties pane in mapview)
  • New: WYSIWYG editor for events
  • New: Add/Remove a grid column by right-click on the field in the Properties Pane
  • New: Properties pane: Context menu to show items in a new Scratch grid
  • New: Hyperlinks: Hold Shift down to open link in a new Scratch grid
  • New: Option to monitor a sync folder for updates (see 1. Synchronization between computers using Dropbox for details)
  • New: Option to choose the location of the .Files folder (i.e. to put it in a Dropbox-like folder)
  • New: Timeline: Context menu to toggle between Compact and Normal display
  • New: Postponing the automatic Recalc : next day (in dialog) + manual recalc (in DB management)
  • Change: To avoid a conflict with the Gantt Zoom on the fly feature (press CTRL to activate), the ALT is now used to change the Gantt scale
  • Fixed: Reduced CPU usage
  • Fixed: Improved responsiveness when there are many opened grids
  • Fixed: Changing the Gantt scale with the mouse wheel was not working well (see Gantt : zoom is hard to manipulate with the mouse scroll.)
  • Fixed: Popup editor: Font was different than the item in the grid
  • Fixed: Options dialog: Browse for folder was not opening the correct folder
  • Fixed: Timeline: Bar caption / color were not updated when the item text / color was modified elsewhere (grid, properties pane, calendar)
  • Fixed: Form management: Show proper editing context menu
  • Fixed: Tabbed workspace always restored the Calendar to the main tab group, even if it was in a different tab group
  • Fixed: Menu customization: Right-click on a control did not show the keyboard shortcut
0.9.26PreRel47 (2015-03-19)
  • New: Grid: Simplified Hoist (no more dialog)
  • New: No more sound when showing many dialogs
  • Fixed: If the Omnibox is moved, a program restart was required to re-enable the keyboard shortcut
  • Fixed: Minor improvements to the Omnibox
  • New: Grid: Wordwrap column headers
  • New: Popup editor: Added hyperlinks and highlight (Ctrl+H)
  • New: HTML Pane: Added highlight (CTRL+H)
  • Fixed: "Auto-Search" in columns (Ctrl+F3) = no more visual cue  
0.9.26PreRel46 (2015-03-16)
0.9.26PreRel45 (2015-03-10)
  • New: Popup Editor: Now WYSIWYG, including easy insertion of icons ! Right-click to have access to all editing commands
  • New: Grid: When editing, a new more specific context menu is available (includes Undo)
  • Fixed: Grid: Select All was not working
  • Fixed: Grid: Copy was not working correctly in some situations
  • Fixed: [FIXED] Upgraded from REL41 to REL43 - Lost Links to All Pics
  • Fixed: Popup editor was shown at the wrong position
  • Fixed: Copy Special menu was not visible
0.9.26PreRel44 (2015-03-02)
  • New: HTML pane: When saving content, a confirmation is now required when most of the content was deleted (because one is never too careful)
  • New: Grid: Can now select multiple columns / rows using Shift + Cursor keys !
  • Fixed: Grid: Read-only fields were not being selected when using cursor keys
  • Fixed: Fields: Limit to list was not effective when using items from SQL Select lists
  • Fixed: Grid: Pop-up editors could appear to hang the UI if the user clicks elsewhere when they are shown. They are now modal. Press Esc to dismiss
  • Fixed: Grid: In Edit > Copy, the dialog was shown even when not necessary (i.e. when a single column is selected)
  • Fixed: Grid: Copy a range of cells and paste in Excel did not work correctly (unless in Excel Edit > Paste Special > Unformatted Text was used)
  • Fixed: Grid: Right-click on a cell could sometimes show a second context menu
  • Fixed: Calendar: In scrolling list mode, the day captions could vertically scroll and come out of view. They are now locked at the top
  • Fixed: <FIXED> HTML Pane <--> Grid focus bug
  • Small UI tweaks
0.9.26PreRel43 (2015-02-20)
  • Lots of UI fine tuning
  • Better handling on high-DPI displays
  • Removed Tablet mode as it was not working well. 
  • Removed Search toolbar. The Omnibox is now shown directly on the main menu. Users should delete their Search toolbar
  • Removed Grid Auto-Edit as it did not support scrolling with the cursor keys and was causing issues with the cursor (Blinking Text Cursor Rarely Appears)
  • Fixed: HTML Pane: Fixed an issue where the pane would steal the focus from the grid
  • Fixed: Grid: WYSIWYG editing: Fixed an issue where the text changes were not saved correctly
  • Fixed: Grid: WYSIWYG editing: Edit > Cut did not worked
  • Fixed: Grid: Changing the tree column would incorrectly show outline labels next to the tree, even if this option was not selected
  • Fixed: Grid were sometimes empty (Keep losing Layout)
0.9.26PreRel42 (2015-02-17)
  • New: Omnibox can be placed on the main menu if desired. 
  • New: Pop-up list now supports Filter-on-type. Either click on the header of hit Ctrl+F to activate it (See Auto-complete on SQL-derived field)
  • Fixed: Major cleanup / update of the Customize dialog content. Lots of commands were missing or in the wrong place
  • Fixed: Pressing the Omnibox keyboard shortcut could lock IQ
  • Fixed: Omnibox command list text did not always perfectly match the menu items
  • Fixed: Cannot make changes to the Omnibox in the Customize dialog (see Some UI inconsistencies in 41)
  • Change: Omnibox default keyboard shortcut has changed to Ctrl+F as it does search too. The original shortcut was also incompatible with AZERTY keyboards. User should reset their custom shortcuts or manually change it.
  • Change: Grid: Paste now pastes as plain text by default. Use Paste Special > Paste as HTML if you want to preserve rich text formatting
0.9.26PreRel41 (2015-02-13)
0.9.26PreRel40 (2015-02-06)
  • Improved: More efficient grid updates (see Performance problems (yes))
  • Change: Minor rearranging of menu items, hopefully more intuitive to users
  • Upgrade UI components to ensure compatibility with evolving operating systems (including some UI cosmetic change to improve clarity)
  • Fixed: In live-search, the properties pane was not being updated as the user clicks on search results items
  • Fixed: Copy paste bug
  • Fixed: Backup path keeps being deleted and autobackup keeps being checked.
  • Fixed: Grid: When editing, paste was broken
  • Fixed: Options dialog: Focus sometimes jumped around
  • Removed: Tools > Themes. IQ now supports a single visual theme. Managing colors while supporting multiple themes was unnecessary work
0.9.26PreRel39 (2015-01-28)
  • Fixed: VB Script editor: System code is now read-only
  • Fixed: Grid: Improved focus handling
0.9.26PreRel38 (2015-01-26)
  • New: Set formatting for numeric fields in the field properties. Options are Standard, Currency or user-defined. The first two are taken from the Control Panel Regional Settings
  • New: HTML pane: use of relative files for images to provide better for support for Dropbox et al
  • New: Grid: Show Pictures: If the file is not found, will try to resolve it
  • Fixed: Timeline: Display set to 1899 on loading. Now scrolls to first visible item
  • Fixed: Gantt and Timeline: Improved scrolling behavior for the << and >> buttons
  • Fixed: Grid WYSIWYG editor: Carriage returns were lost when pasting from plain text
  • Fixed: Properties pane: The FileName select dialog did not default to the correct folder
  • Fixed: Grid: Sometimes the Source textbox has the focus even though the source bar is not visible
  • Fixed: Grid: When the source bar is shown, the tab key no longer tabs into the grid, but remains in the source bar
0.9.26PreRel37 (2015-01-16)
0.9.26PreRel36 (2015-01-07)
  • New: HTML Pane: Edit cursor position (caret) is now saved.
    Editing large documents is now easier as moving from an item to another will bring you back to your last edit point
  • Fixed: Grid WYSIWYG editing: Font was sometimes incorrectly set
  • Fixed: Grid WYSIWYG editing: Content was sometimes not save correctly
  • Fixed: Grid WYSIWYG editing: Font and images were not handled correctly
  • Fixed: enhanced visuals in v35 : makes click + drag & drop less responsive
  • Fixed: When more than 1 item was selected, on drag-drop, it was possible to drop on a selected item
0.9.26PreRel35 (2014-12-24)
  • New: Grid Improved visuals when adding fields onto a grid using drag-drop and when moving columns in the grid header
  • New: WYSIWYG Print Preview: Option to save as a file in PDF, JPG, PNG or EMF format
  • New: New "tablet" mode. Windows 8.1 tablets are becoming more and more affordable and popular. This is great news for IQ !
  • Improved performance when computing complex equations / auto-assigns
  • Improved: Field Properties: Merged Equations and Inheritance sections into one. Improved UI to better show that Column equations and Inheritance are mutually exclusive (Enabling one disables the other)
  • Changed: Manage Grids: Inbox, Search and Scratch grid cannot be deleted as they are required.
  • Fixed: Grid: For some date formats the date dialog did not work correctly
  • Fixed: EmailToIQ: If the item text was empty, the #ItemID flag did not work.
  • Fixed: EmailToIQ: For plain text email messages, carriage returns were lost when converted to HTML
  • Fixed: Grid: Source fields are not assigned when Sort > Grouping is enabled
  • Fixed: Properties Pane: Show Field Values could silently fail if the Scratchpad grid was deleted
  • Fixed: IQ loops/freezes on field defined using SQL SELECT
0.9.26PreRel34 (2014-10-27)
  • New: EmailToIQ: Send content to items.
    You can now send content to a project item, a task, a specific contact, a calendar event, to meeting minutes, etc
    Can send to multiple items too ! Documentation can be found here: Capturing Information using EmailToIQ
    Two syntaxes:
    • If the email subject line contains #1234, the content will appear as a subitem of item ID 1234.
    • If the email subject line contains #Some item text, the content will appear as a subitem of item "Some item text".
      If more than one item have this text, will send it to the one in your favorites (if not in your favorites, to the most recent item)
  • Fixed: HTML Pane: Table row and column sizing was difficult to do on systems with IE 10 and up
  • Fixed: Changing the grid font did not update the grid, a close and re-open was necessary
  • Fixed: WYSIWYG Grid editor: Hyperlinks can now be added, edited, and removed
  • Fixed: WYSIWYG Grid editor: Enter key and cursor keys behavior is now fixed. Insert Date / Time is also fixed
  • Fixed: WYSIWYG Grid editor: Typing starts editing and appends
  • Fixed: Selecting large icons did not work (right-click on a toolbar > Customize > Options > Large icons). (Useful on high DPI displays)
  • Fixed: On high DPI displays, item height in the property pane and the search window were too small.
0.9.26PreRel33 (2014-09-28)
  • Preview: WYSIWYG editing for the grid ! Finally ... Right click on the column header to enable it.
  • New: Grid: Added Item Text Color to the context menu
  • New: New keyboard shortcuts to create items: Ctrl+F7: Add item, Ctrl+F8: Add sub-item. Works in grids and in the HTML pane.
    Combined with F7 / F8 for navigation, it is now possible to create content while keeping the focus on the HTML pane.
  • New: HTML Pane: New Keyboard shortcuts for Heading 1...6  (CTRL+1... 6), Normal (CTRL+N), Bullet List (CTRL+L) and Number List (SHIFT+CTRL+L)
  • New: Calendar: Pressing Insert add a new event at the date/time given by the mouse pointer
  • New: Calendar: Hovering the mini-calendar now shows day events summary on the status bar
  • Fixed: Calendar: Changing dates using the Date toolbar of the mini-calendar was changing the current zoom level
  • Fixed: Calendar: When zooming, the day header may not be visible. The status bar now shows the current date / time to help identify event dates
  • Fixed: Calendar: New event: Enter did not close the dialog.
  • Fixed: HTML Pane: Foreground color and Background color menu items did not work from the main menu
  • Fixed: HTML Pane: After a toolbar reset, the color selector menus were empty
  • Fixed: HTML Pane: Font attributes controls (Style, Face, Size) were not updated
  • Fixed: HTML Pane: Changing the Item Text textbox did not update the item
0.9.26PreRel32 (2014-08-22)
  • New: Google Connect dialog to connect to your Google Account. Use Tools > Options > This Database > Google Sync. Enter address and password and click Test to test the connection and to retrieve information on your calendars.
  • Fixed: Grid: Changing the font does not update the properties pane
  • Fixed: Grid: When wordwrap was disabled, the item height was not calculated correctly (see Grid sizing in HD - ATT Pierre)
  • Fixed: FireFox Clipper: Web Clipping Problems
  • Possible fix for Delete not working in HTML pane (sometimes)
0.9.26PreRel31 (2014-08-08)
  • New: Google Connect dialog to connect to your Google Account. Use Tools > Options > This Database > Google Sync. Connection test did not make it into this release unfortunately
  • New: Gantt: Can now start adding bars without first creating items. Just draw bars and IQ will create items !
  • Fixed: Grid: While editing, clicking in another column of another item could sometimes overwrite the cell content
  • Fixed: Gantt: Task links context menu was not working correctly
  • Fixed: Gantt: On initial setup, Gantt scale was centered on 1957. Now centered on today
  • Fixed: Gantt: Duration field is not updated when bar is created by adding dates in the grid (see TaskDuration not working here)
  • Fixed: Gantt: Duration field did not take account of non working days. Now, shows the number of working days.
  • Fixed: Grid: Minor focus problem in grid
  • Change: Gantt: On initial setup, Task Links are now visible
0.9.26PreRel30 (2014-08-01)
  • New: Gantt: Task links context menu
  • New: Gantt: New task dependencies: SS, FF, SF.
    Can use context menu or use the following syntax for the NextTaskID field: NextID1|XY, NextID2|XY|DL1,
    where XY is one of FS (default), SS, FF, or SF.
    Optional DL1 parameter adds a fixed delay between tasks and overrides the NextTaskDelay field value
  • New: Grid and Gantt: Added system field NextTaskDelay to specify the delay between tasks
  • New: Grid: Next Task Actions supports field values.
  • New: Setting to specify the table cell resizing hot spot : Tools > Options > Program Settings > Other > HTML Pane Table resizing hot spot size (pixels)
  • Fixed: Properties Pane: Editing values in the All Fields section no longer causes the pane to scroll to the top (see Properties pane)
  • Fixed: Database > Repair should not require 2 clicks to close dialog (see Database repair)
  • Fixed: Grid: Click on the lower half of the item did not start editing
  • Fixed: Grid: [Bug] Manually adding file link deletes cell text
  • Fixed: Restore previous layout broken here in pre-rel 29/a
  • Fixed: Fast Search: Showing Favorites or Tagged items could cause IQ to go in an endless loop
  • Removed HTML Pane: View > Zoom (In, Out, Reset) when editing. This feature was too buggy on some IE versions
0.9.26PreRel29 (2014-07-21)
  • New: Grids: If multiple items are selected, opening the editor (F2 or Shift+F2) will update all items (before, only the focused item was updated, to act on multiple items, one had to use the property pane)
  • New: Grids: When clicking on an email field, if multiple emails are found, users can select which email(s) to send to
  • New: Gantt: 3 Task link modes: None (Visual cue only), Use Task Dependencies and Locked Relationships. Currently, the only supported dependency is "Finish to Start". Others will be added soon.
  • New: Gantt: Can now toggle the visibility of links
  • New: Field Properties: Auto-assign rules can now be on separate lines (no need to use the '|' separator). Hit Enter to enter a new line. This makes it easier to read
  • Fixed: [FIXED] Manuel Refresh Alters Grid Source Setting (smth to do with sorting on custom field?)
  • Fixed: Grid: "Show Done Check Mark" could replace the item text with 0 or 1(Newbie problem with Field Item and Checkbox for Done)
  • Fixed: Installation package had a 1 custom keyboard shortcut. This was erased.
0.9.26PreRel28 (2014-06-30)
  • New: Calendar: Print-Preview now supports "Print to Fit" and "Copy to Clipboard"
  • New: MapView: Print-Preview now supports user-specified scaling and "Print to X by Y pages". In a near future, these will be added to the calendar and grids !
  • New: Gantt: Press CTRL when on a bar end shows a zoom window. Editing in the zoom window is possible.
  • Improved Print-Preview toolbar
  • Fixed: HTML: Caption was not updated when pane is in auto-hide mode
  • Fixed: Pivot tables and charts for grids with names containing a space did not work
  • Fixed: Gantt: Gantt : items displayed in flat view have dates completely messed up
  • Fixed: Gantt: Insize zoom unit was always set to hours which was incorrect for most gantt scales. Better choice of insize zoom units
  • Fixed: Calendar: Sometimes the day header was badly chosen and not very useful (see The New Calendar )
0.9.26PreRel27 (2014-06-18)
  • New: OML/OPML Import: Support "_note=" de-facto standard for additional text content (will be put in the HTML pane) (used by OmniOutliner,  iThoughts and others)
  • Fixed: Restore Layout on startup does not work when Tab Workspace is not enabled (Tools > General > Use Workspace Tabs)
  • Fixed: Opened grids are not always shown as such in menus
  • Fixed: HTML Pane: Changing the text of a hyperlink using the hyperlink dialog did not update the document
  • Fixed: Grid: Editing hyperlinks did not always select the correct text
  • Fixed: Gantt: Editing bar dates did not always update bars. Move/resize bars did not always update related date fields in the grid
  • Fixed: Adding / Deleting fields did not always trigger events to update grids
  • Fixed: A few gantt related bugs
  • Fixed: HTML pane does not display correct notes
  • Fixed: E-mail to IQ : crash
  • Change: Layout is saved on Grid > Save and before doing an auto-backup. That way, if the program stops, users will be able to restart and resume where they were.
  • Change: No longer show hand pointer on certain occasions, hoping to fix the rare issue reported here: Missing cursor when editing items
  • Change: Grid: Zoom now named Hide Panes to avoid confusion with Zoom In / Zoom Out
0.9.26PreRel26 (2014-05-14)
  • New: Grid: Copy / Paste Outlook items directly in a grid. Creates a link to the Outlook items (Appointments, emails, Contacts, notes, etc.)
  • New: Grid: Drag / Drop Outlook items directly in a grid. Creates a link to the Outlook items (Appointments, emails, Contacts, notes, etc.)
    Before, to create a link to an Outlook item, one had to open the hyperlink dialog and drag-drop an Outlook item.
  • New: EmailToIQ: Added button to test the email connection parameters.
  • New: EmailToIQ: Back color on the status bar turns yellow if the connection fails
  • New: Properties Pane: Added a button on the FileName and FilePath fields to browse to a new file / path
  • Fixed: Date/Time popup dialog was incorrectly sized when then short date format was too long
  • Fixed: Grid: Can now create a hyperlink even if the item is empty. Link will be shown as "(Link)"
  • Fixed: Grid: Remove hyperlink failed sometimes
  • Fixed: Grid: Item sort order was changed after a Hoist -> un-Hoist
  • Fixed: A "Window" menu was incorrectly displayed on the main menu
  • Fixed: HTML Export: Inserted images were not shown
  • Changed: Pivot Table and Charts: Source now defaults to "Use Items displayed in the grid" (initially and after a Reset configuration). This is less confusing as the previous setting which was to use items from the grid source
0.9.26PreRel24 / 25 (2014-05-01)
  • New: Grid: New Column menu (same as Ecco) to collect all column related commands. It includes the new Alignment commands.
    This should improve the UI (and removes clutter on the Grid menu too !)
  • New: Grid: Improved column selection (supports CTRL and SHIFT)
  • New: Grid: Easy setting of column alignment
  • New: Grid: Paste clipboard images directly. A image file will be silently created and placed in the YourIQBase.sndb.files folder
  • New: HTML Pane: Paste clipboard images directly. A image file will be silently created and placed in the YourIQBase.sndb.files folder
  • New: HTML Pane: Foreground and Background color menu now shows a list of stock colors
  • Change: Grid: Gone is the Select Mode option. Multi-column select mode is always enabled.
  • Change: Grid: Edit > Copy : Always shows dialog if the tree column is selected. Added Select Item (in tab-delimited). Items in the dialog are numbered so users can simply type the corresponding number to select
  • Change: Grid: While waiting for a UI to choose outlining labels, return to the previous style (i.e.
  • Fixed: Tools > Options > General> 2-D Grid list menu was not applied to the "Recent Grids" menu
  • Fixed: HTML Pane: Foreground and Background color commands are now enabled
  • Fixed: Grid: For IQBases with a large number of grids, opening a grid could change the item back color
0.9.26PreRel22 / 23 (2014-04-16)
  • New: Grids: Outline Labels. Initial release of this much requested feature. Use Grid > Show Outline Labels to turn ON/OFF.
    In future releases, we'll add named lists of outline labels allowing customisations (à la Ecco Pro)
    One can see numeric and alpha labels, cumulative or not (cumulative in the first 3 levels)

0.9.26Pre-Rel20 (2014-04-09)

  • New: Gantt Chart: Can zoom in/out by dragging the header column separators
  • Improved: Search: Option to disable search-as-you-type. Some UI clean up
  • Fixed: Grids: Context parent display level setting was disabled if context parents were off
  • Fixed: Grids: Activating a column filter for a date field could cause a freeze
  • Fixed: Pivot table/chart: Refresh button did not work
  • Fixed: Pivot table/chart: Date and Alpha toolbars were not hidden
  • Fixed: Ctrl-Tab did not navigate correctly for Fast Search windows


0.9.26Pre-Rel19 (2014-03-24)

  • New: Grids: Can specify the number of context parents to show (previously, only the immediate parent was shown)
  • New: Grids: Simplified hierarchy display. Show hierarchy ON/OFF.
    If OFF, a flat list of items is shown (use "Grid Properties > View > Show expand buttons in flat view" to show/hide expand buttons)
  • New: Calendar: If an event is selected, left/right arrow keys select the previous/next event
  • New: Calendar: Copy/Paste events
  • Removed: Grids: Save Item state no longer exists.
  • Fixed: HTML Export sometimes fails to export correctly (HTML style bullets will bullets for all levels)


0.9.26Pre-Rel18 (2014-03-18)

  • New: Calendar: Show/hide date filter toolbar added. Setting is saved. This way, users can use exclusively the mini-calendar pane if desired.
  • New: Calendar: Option to show the Today button (Tools > Options > This Database > Calendar)
  • New: Calendar: Option to show the year scroll bar (Tools > Options > This Database > Calendar)
  • New: Calendar: Option to specify the maximum number of months in the mini-calendar pane (Tools > Options > This Database > Calendar)
  • Fixed: Calendar: Changing the recurrence type is not saved
  • Fixed: Calendar: Closing the Calendar does not hide the date filter toolbar if no other window is open


0.9.26Pre-Rel17 (2014-03-17)

  • New: Calendar: Use cursor keys to navigate in the calendar. Left-Right moves 1 day. Up-Down moves 1 week. Press Ctrl key to move by 1 week / month respectively
  • Improved: Calendar: Only load visible events
  • Fixed: When copying items, the checkbox "Only copy user values" state was not saved in user settings.
  • Fixed: Calendar: Mouse wheel is now enabled in the mini-calendar. We're still working on getting it to work on the main calendar area...
  • Fixed: Calendar: Zoom in/out toolbar button now enables zoom in/out of the calendar
  • Fixed: Calendar: Date filter toolbar button is now enabled
  • Fixed: Calendar: Numerous other bug fixes


0.9.26Pre-Rel16 (2014-02-28)

  • New: Calendar: Drag-drop items from a grid to the Calendar to create events. The event text is "Appt for ItemName" and is added as a sub-item
  • New: Calendar: Show Time Scale toggle. When set to off, events are shown as a single line. Similar to other calendars "Month view"
  • New: Calendar: Changing the Time Scale width show/hides the Time Scale
  • New: Calendar: Click on the Time Scale alternates between 4 display modes
  • New: Calendar: Events outside the current day view are shown in the top section, with all-day events. This way, events are always visible in the calendar.
  • New: Calendar: Press CTRL key while moving / sizing an event to disable snap to time grid (currently set to 15min increments)
  • New: Calendar options are now integrated into Tool > Options
  • New: Calendar: Current time marker now shown (similar to Google Calendar)
  • New: Show in Calendar / Remove from Calendar. Select one or more items. If selecting dates from a date field, will use that field. E.g. Can quickly add DueDates to the calendar
  • New: Grids: More options to control the display of tree lines
  • New: PivotTable/Charts: Option to select if pivot computes based on displayed items or items meeting the grid source. Right-click on blank area to select
  • Improved: Options: Changing grid line settings updates all opened grids. No re-open necessary
  • Fixed: Grids: Click Exclude on column filter of a numeric column hangs application
  • Fixed: Events created from a date field of an item that has no time (i.e. just a date) were not set to be all-day events
  • Fixed: If a date-value of an item is shown in the Calendar, the Edit Event did not open
  • Fixed: Windows shortcut files (.lnk) now open correctly when Tools > Options > Program Settings > Other > "Show Open With... when launching links" is checked. User CTRL key to force display of Open With dialog
  • Fixed: PivotTable/Charts: If Grid > Properties > Other > Grid Visible to other Application is not checked, pivot did not show proper data


0.9.26Pre-Rel15 (2014-02-07)

  1. New: Items can show up at multiple places in the Calendar.
    Ecco Pro users have long enjoyed this feature, whereby an item can show up in the Calendar for each of its date values. For example, a task could show for its StartDate AND its EndDate. Another example is a contact showing up for his/her birthday and wedding anniversary.
    This feature is now available in IQ !
  2. New: Grid > Show Columns (Alt+C) to show / hide all columns except the tree column
  3. New: Fully working Calendar
  4. New: Option to dismiss the Restore Layout dialog on startup
  5. Change: IQ no longer prompts to perform the daily recalc. If required, Recalc will start 30 seconds after opening the file. Double-click on the status bar to postpone it for 1 hour.

0.9.26Pre-Rel14 (2014-01-24)

  • New: Properties Pane: F7 and F8 moves the focus to the previous/next item in the grid (same as in the HTML Pane).
  • New: Fast Search Refresh button
  • New: When an item has multiple parents and the user changes the main parent, the grids will update and show the new main parent (if Show context parents are enabled)
  • New: Main items can now be moved up / down in a grid (when sorting is disabled of course)
  • New: Grid now updates when a parent-child relationship is broken (this can be done in the properties pane)
  • New: Auto-Recalc is only started after 30 seconds after opening the file
  • New: A dialog to postpone the Auto-Recalc for 1 hour
  • New: When background Auto-Recalc is running, double-click on the status bar will prompt to postpone it for 1 hour
  • New: New Calendar: Can now add / modify / delete events
  • New: New Calendar: Can have multiple instances of the calendar with different views (day, week, month, etc.)
  • New: Mark as Done (Ctrl+M) is now enabled for the following views: Calendar, MapView and Fast Search (and of course all grids !)
  • New: Could items hyperlinks open items in their "homegrid" instead of the scratch grid ?
  • New: Easy multi-column filtering. Simply hit Ctrl-G and enter filter. Filter will search all grid columns. To limit the filter to specific columns, select 2 or more columns before filtering. Filter prompt at the bottom of the grid supports "Filter as you type".
  • New: Grid summary now shown at the top of the grid. Grid summary gives information regarding items displayed in the grid, including filtering and sorting
  • Fixed: Fast Search was not updated if an item is erased
  • Fixed: Fast Search did not support changes to multiple items using the property pane
  • Fixed: Workspace selected tab was not shown in bold
  • Fixed: Removing a child item was not triggering parent item recalc
  • Fixed: Properties Pane: Pressing the space bar on a read-only field could change its value
  • Fixed: Grids: Removing Hoist left the source and filter text boxes disabled. A refresh was necessary to re-enable them
  • Fixed: HTML: Caption was not updated on startup when pane in auto-hide mode
  • Fixed: Deleting items sometimes did not delete associated events in the Calendar
  • Fixed: Hoisted scratch grid prevents new data to be seen
  • Other: Faster startup
  • Other: Faster / smarter update of the properties pane
  • Other: Faster IQBase repair
  • Other: Faster loading of grids (in particular grids with many columns)
  • Other: By default, grids will no longer be visible by other programs, to improve performance. A new grid property "Visible to other applications" can be used to make it visible
  • Other: Improved grid column filters
  • Other: Filter as you type now only applied to text and numeric columns

0.9.26Pre-Rel13 (2013-11-07)

A few new features and important bug fixes. All users of invited to upgrade !
  • New: WYSIWYG Grid Printing: Fit to Page  feature: Sizes printing so it fits on a single page
  • New: Import Tab-Indended files
  • New: Database Repair will now automatically delete cached copy of linked HTML and MHT files if
    "Options > Data Storage > Save a copy of the HTML/MHT file in the database" is not checked (recommended)
  • Fixed: Grids: Removing a column causes erratic cursor movements
  • Fixed: On opening, the Properties pane is sometimes not showing the currently focused item
  • Fixed: Closing the Properties pane while it is updating could cause a fatal error
  • Fixed: Grids: Pressing any of the following character starts editing but does not insert the character : { } + % ^ (  ) ~
  • Fixed: Choosing item font through the common dialog removes underline and strike-through settings
  • Fixed: Auto-backup sometimes fails
  • Fixed: For complex grids, deep hierarchies and / or fields with complex equations, creating items can be slow. Improved

0.9.26Pre-Rel12 (2013-10-30)

  1. New: Demo of the new Calendar (see New Calendar component ...)
  2. New: Multiple HTML editing panes.
  3. Change: Improved performance when adding items
  4. Fixed: Hyperlink dialog: Removing the link destination will remove the hyperlink

0.9.26Pre-Rel11 (2013-07-04)

Version 0.9.26Pre-Rel11 is now available !


0.9.26Pre-Rel10 (2013-05-26)

Version 0.9.26Pre-Rel10 is now available !
  • New: Mapview: The Insert key (Ins) creates a new item under the current focus item
  • New: Mapview: Drag-drop to move items from one parent to another
  • New: Mapview: Ctrl+up/down increases/decreases the node maximum node width. Width is grid specific
  • Fixed: Mapview: Display orientation is not saved (left-right vs up/down)
  • Fixed: Mapview: Ctrl+= an Ctrl+- keyboard shortcut, to expand / collapse items, do not work
  • Fixed: Mapview: Icons are not shown correctly
  • Fixed: Mapview: Print Preview was broken in the previous version
  • Fixed: Mapview: Hyperlinks were no longer working
  • Fixed: Mapview: Item text is not updated when changes are made in other grids
  • Fixed: Mapview: Items are not deleted when deleted in other grids
  • Fixed: Ctrl+Tab to switch tab sometimes opens the Manage grid dialog
  • Fixed: Hyperlinks to grids : broken
  • Fixed: Pressing Shift immediately after Enter could open the pop-up editor
  • Fixed: When many grids were opened, GDI usage was too high
  • Change: To improve performance, pressing Enter creates a new item but no longer automatically enter Edit mode. Simply start typing to begin Edit.
  • Fixed: Clipping window can sometimes take a long time to open. Occurs if the Wikitag field has >10000 items.
  • Fixed: Keyboard navigation between tabs/panes bug
  • Workaround: In Win 8, the universal clipper does not work correctly, presumably due to some security restrictions. Users now have a workaround: Simply hit Ctrl+C before hitting the clipper hotkey.


0.9.26Pre-Rel9 (2013-05-01)

Version 0.9.26Pre-Rel9 is now available !


0.9.26Pre-Rel8A (2013-03-13 14:10 )

Version 0.9.26Pre-Rel8 is now available ! <UPDATED>

  • Fixed: EmailToIQ not setting Item text correctly when no field tags are on the email subject line


0.9.26Pre-Rel8 (2013-03-13)

Version 0.9.26Pre-Rel8 is now available ! <UPDATED>

  • New: Grid > Save As to create a copy of a grid
  • New: Fast Search: Option to show results in the search grid using an SQL string (normally, it shows a list of items). Combined with the new Grid > Save As, this allows fast creation of smart grids
  • Fixed: Grid sometimes opens completely empty
  • Fixed: IE10 compatibility fixed. See HTML Pane not working in Win 8
  • Fixed: pressing Enter to start sibling item
  • Fixed: EmailToIQ: Item text parsing included the first field (e.g. ItemText #Inbox instead of just ItemText)
  • Fixed: Win+hotkey sometimes shows a message box containing the URL of the captured page
  • Fixed: Partially visible column to the left of the current focused column may incorrectly be selected
  • Changed: Behaviour on linking 2 or more files with same name: : The .lnk file will now have  "_[xxx] appended to the file name


0.9.26PreRel7 (2012-12-23)

Version 0.9.26Pre-Rel7 is now available !

  • Fixed: Grid column list was sometimes not saved
  • Changed: Small request - Rename EXE ProductName to just InfoQube
  • New: EMailToIQ feature. Imports into an IQBase emails sent to an email address. Simply create a dedicated mailbox and use it to dump info into IQ. Setup is done in Tools > Options. Details to come
  • Deleted: POP Email checker. Too limited as it stood and not used by users.

0.9.26PreRel6 (2012-12-04)

Version 0.9.26Pre-Rel6 is now available !

0.9.26PreRel5 (2012-11-23)

Version 0.9.26Pre-Rel5 is now available !

  • Fixed: More robust method to save grid column list (see Disappearing columns are still with us. v9.26 pre-release4&5&6 ** VERY ANNOYING ** PLEASE FIX THIS !!! )
  • Fixed: When checkmarks are shown, pressing the space bar would incorrectly toggle the check box state. Use Ctrl+M (Mark as Done) to toggle.
  • Fixed: When an MHT (or other) file was not explicitely found, IQ searches elsewhere for it. If it finds it, a popup is shown, suggesting user to save this new path information. However, the Menu>>File>>Save menu item was not enabled. Fixed.

0.9.26PreRel4 (2012-11-08)

Version 0.9.26Pre-Rel4 is now available !

  • Improvements to the Event UI (including a summary for repeating events)
  • Find and Replace in the HTML pane
  • Fixed: Picking a particular day in New Event dialog causes crash
  • Fixed: MHT files not always indexed, hence not found in searches
  • Fixed/Change: In Fast Search, pressing the Enter key now forces the update of the search results list. Pressing Enter again shows the list in the SearchResults grid. Before, users had to wait 1-2 seconds to see the results list update. Pressing Enter would incorrectly show the previous result list in the SearchResults grid.
  • New: Grid display option to show a check-mark next to the item. Shows whether an item is marked done or not.


More TBD...



More TBD...


Version 0.9.25PreRel15 is now released !


Version 0.9.25PreRel14 is now released !


0.9.25PreRel10 (2009-12-22)

  • Quick search has 2 new features
    • Google-like search: Now uses the same syntax as Google:
      • cal the : will find anything that has both "cal" and "the" (so this will find the string "The Calendar")
      • calendar or outlook : either "calendar" or "outlook"
      • "the calendar": the string "the calendar"
      • It even supports ( ), so complex ones like: "the calendar" or (info and pivot)   will work!
    • Show results in one of 3 views
      • Search Grid
      • New Search Grid
      • Current grid as Hoisted items 
        (This one is really neat !  )
  • Save and Load Keyboard shortcuts (only main menu for now, not those of the HTML pane)
  • Hoist up 1 level

0.9.25PreRel6 (2009-12-15)

A bug was found which can cause you to loose the content of a grid cell (in particular, the item), so it is important to download the latest version (or copy the LatestBuild)

0.9.25Pre-Rel5 (2009-12-13)
Not much new stuff, except option to set the min calendar day width, mostly bug fixes, including the hard to get rid of menu flicker.