ToDo questions

Thank you for the quick responses to my calendar questions. I really am loving this program and look forward to learning more in the future.  I have a question about the ToDo's.
When I start an item in any grid and I put a date in the DueDate  column it shows up on the todo list, which is great. I also like that I can easily add it to the calendar by creating an event.
My question is...once the item is completed, how do I removed it from the todo grid.

Calendar Questions

I was wondering if I can adjust the calendar so that business and personal hours are added up individually.  
An example:
I have 6 hrs set aside for project A one hour for project B and 3 hrs for a movie.  
At the top it would add 7 hrs for business and 3 hrs personal time.  
Is this possible?
I really like the program, a bit of a learning curve.
A couple of other questions:
I wish I could customize the controls to be like moves to the moves to the left.  It won't let me use tab as a hotkey.
Can you make folders in IQ?
Thank you,

Sheng: Interest & purpose re IQ

I've just registered for the user forums here, and received an email stating: 

"To complete the registration process, you must add a comment to this thread, giving your username and a quick description of your interest in InfoQube: /"

It seems I've been granted membership without fulfilling this requirement, but maybe I'll do so here anyway.

Rendering IQ Data to Java Cell Phone -- demo attached

As promised, an improved approach to rendering IQ data on mobile devices. I've redacted the previous script, and moved on to the terrific shareware program MJBook from MJSoft in Russia. MJBook creates the J2ME app from a text file that could easily be generated in InfoQube.

Explaining a Project in IQ

let's say you have a task item like: "Finish the basement"
"Finish the basement" can be assigned (therefore appear) in various grids.
Again, for example, let's say
the task is scheduled for Tuesday
the task is assigned to Jim's Contracting Co,
the task is assigned to Tom who works for Jim's Contracting Co.
Grid 1 could be your weekly schedule & "Finish the basement" would appear under Tuesday in the following way
  "Finish the basement"
Grid 2 might be a list of all your task items in the re-modeling of your house & "Finish the basement" would appear in the following way:
"Finish the basement" and in a cell next to it "Jim's Contracting Co."
Grid 3 might be a contact list of a

Using IQ for writing & tasking

- I create a project folder name & a boolean (y/N) field w the same name
- I create a grid with the project name as it's source of all data (this automatically collects all the data that is identified with the boolean y/n field of the same name)
- I use IQ's excellent clipper to import research as I find it. IQ faithfully reproduce web data including graphics very easily in MHT or HTML formats except when the data is hidden behind passwords as in HTTPS sites. Then a different procedure can be used.) I tend to favor MHT because it keeps all the data in one place -- yes, within IQ
- If I get a random idea, I can quickly jump to my journal, make a note & tag it with the project name field
- I re-arrange (drag/drop) research items & notes into some kind of pre-lim order. From there I can either print outline to html (children are collapsable) or join items in the outline, etc.

Selecting an item in the Scratch grid, viewing it in production

Updated (in blue) with an improved equation for blanking out a text field.


Here's a procedure that works fairly well for selecting an item in the Scratch grid, then working with it in your production grid. The surest way to link to an item in a preferred grid is to create the link in that very grid, or to move it there.

So I created two new fields to accomplish this. 

A Blank Database.

This is simply a blank database, prompted by 'bout ready to give this program the heave ho!.
Revision 02, revises grid to Inbox per Tom's comments.

Demystifying InfoQube

InfoQube is often seen as a complex program: 
Regarding InfoQube, I agree with Jan Rifkinson that it is a massively capable programme, the development of which I am keeping a close eye on. (...) However, I have found InfoQube to be a massively complex programme that requires more practice than I have had time to give to date
This always comes as a surprise to me as, IMHO, it is an incredibly simple program. The concept can be summarized as follows:
  1. An item is the basic unit of information

IQ Licensing

As InfoQube is still in beta, licensing is not yet finalized. One thing is clear however, is that we want to make this as simple as possible, while keeping the principle that the price must be proportional to the financial capabilities, and to how much IQ can save you in time and money.
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